Minutes of June 10, 2009 meeting

Susan Brower, Fatima Cunha, James Embry, Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz [recorder], Linda Zuckerman [Chair], Katrina Zwaaf
Paul Cabelli, Dean Meister


  1. Review Minutes from April.
  2. Current population reports and how we're handling (or not handling) B-W in that instance
  3. Review and critique of the Holdings projects just completed
  4. Information sharing

1. April minutes were approved

2. Current populations reports and Bound-With

3. Review and critique of Holdings projects just completed

4. Information sharing


  1. Boundwith variation with serials will be formalized
  2. More weeding projects will be started
  3. Jamie will create spreadsheet to keep track of what call numbers libraries are weeding.


  1. MT/PC Write up Serial Boundwith procedure.
  2. Jamie will create a spreadsheet for weeding


  1. SIP
  2. LSM and ALEX weeding

Next meeting: September 16: Alex - University Librarian's Conference Room - (Alex 3rd floor) Next recorder: Linda Zuckerman Back up recorder: Katrina Zwaaf

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