Minutes for December 9, 2009 meeting

Susan Brower, Fatima Cunha, Dean Meister, Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Zuckerman [Chair], Katrina Zwaaf[Recorder]
Paul Cabelli, Jamie Maguire, John Embry


  1. Discuss the progress of the Serial Inventory Project
  2. Review GovDoc quirks that relate to SIP
  3. Discuss current projects the group is working on
  4. Discuss future plans
  5. Information sharing

1. Discuss the progress of the Serial Inventory Project

Two batches have been handed out already, next batch is planned to be handed out December 10.

19% of ALEX titles are completed
25% of LSM titles are completed

There are a number of Students at ALEX working on double barcoding and 1 student at LSM.

2. Review GovDoc quirks that relate to SIP

There are a few points to remember when Inventorying Gov Doc titles.

  1. Make sure SuDoc reads correctly with year
  2. There are always spaces in between letters and numbers
  3. there is no |i in call number on the 852 line of MARC Holdings

Any questions about SuDoc structure consult with Paul.

3. Discuss current projects the group is working on

Katrina: Finished work on FCC Record, all volumes transferred to the Annex.

After a few road blocks with Catalog of Copyright Entries work has started to add and transfer volumes to the Annex.

Continued work on MARCIVE lists

Melody: Working on FBIS with Jamie. Project is at a standstill until boxes come in. Once the boxes arrive the project will start moving forward. There will be a month in each box and the box will be barcoded. About half of the FIBIS titles have been cataloged.

Susan: Working on the REF-FOLIO to REF E-FOLIO.

Melody and Susan: Have been working on Smart Porting. They will have further training to refine searches to get better hits. They also will be trained on how to search LC. Steps are being taken to get licenses moved over to the DTS so there is no need to travel to TSB.

Linda: Coordinating double barcoding of SIP titles by students. Since the last meeting she added 68 titles have been inventoried.

Neera: Continued work on MARCIVE lists. She has almost completed SMLR backlog left behind by Jessica.

Dean: Working on Monograph ReCon, finding many duplicates within the Annex as well as at other New Brunswick libraries. As duplicate items are found at other libraries Dean can be contacted about them and condition can be accessed.

Fatima: Working mostly on changes and withdraws. She came across some inventoried titles that hadn't been worked on yet and is working on these as well.

4. Future Plans

LSM REF Weeding
ALEX 2A & 2B Weeding
ALEX Business Weed
Kilmer Business Weed
Annex Recon
Catalog of Copyright Entries

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