Minutes for February 17, 2010 meeting

Susan Brower (recorder), Paul Cabelli, Fatima Cunha, Jonathan Embres, Jamie Maguire, Dean Meister, Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Zuckerman (Chair), Katrina Zwaaf


  1. Review December's minutes
  2. Discuss SIP Misc. Items/Copy Standards document
  3. Discuss Common Current & Bound Control Record Patterns document
  4. HPAC team to discuss NB Weeding Projects
  5. Discuss standardized language for Accompanying Material that are missing pieces
  6. Report on committee working to monitor RUL wide weeding projects
  7. Information sharing

1. Minutes from December 9, 2009 were approved with one correction

2. SIP Miscellaneous Item/Copy Standards Document discussion. Jamie raised questions regarding the examples that aren't current standards. It was decided an asterisk will be added to those examples stating they are only for the Serial Inventory Project. Paul will revise the document.

3. Common Current and Bound Control Record Patterns discussion. Jamie will send to Paul an example of continuous volumes to be added to the document. Paul will add a note for biennial publications that don't compress.

4. HPAC Team report on NBL weeding projects from Jamie.

Alex Stacks 2B weed is ready for Katrina and Susan to begin working on.

FBIS transfer to the Annex - Melody has completed two titles and a third is almost completed. There are six or seven major titles and six smaller titles for a total of 12 titles.

Music Ref Weed - Jamie worked on a section of the project and is waiting for decisions to complete that section.

Alex Business weed - Ryan Womack has made decisions and Access Services will be pulling 1 book truck per week for Linda to work on. There are about 400 titles.

Art weed - Sara Harrington made decisions on half of the section being weeded. Jamie completed that half. Sara will be making decisions on the second half.

LSM Weed - Melody is working on two trucks about 100 books that have been pulled and when they are finished Access Services will pull more. It is an ongoing project.

Alex Ref French section - Sara Harrington has reviewed the material and most of the volumes will be relocated to the Stacks. The Stacks French section has to be weeded before the Ref material can be relocated. Sara will be making decisions on the Stacks material.

5. Standardized language for missing Accompanying Material - Jamie reported that TSCWG has standardized missing Accompanying Material. It isn't in a document yet but appears in the December TSCWG minutes. Jamie will send the newest Accompanying Material document to the group

6. LRC committee comprised of members from the three campuses has been put together to work on procedures for RUL weeding standards.

7. Information sharing

Fatima - Involved with weeding a mixture of the collection
Jon - Stacks are being shifted
Paul - On going work with Special Collections
Neera - On going work with Special Collections
Katrina - Will begin work on 2B weed project. Working on licensing project
Susan - Will begin work on 2B weed project - Continues one afternoon cataloging Techsr books at TSB

Next meeting: April 28, Alex Heyer Conference Room 10:00 am

Next recorder: Paul Cabelli
Back up recorder: Jamie Maguire

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/holdings/minutes/holdings_10-02-17.shtml
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