Minutes for July 11, 2012 meeting

Paul Cabelli (recorder), Fatima Cunha (remote - Dana), Jon Embres (remote - Robeson), Jamie Maguire, Dean Meister, Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Zuckerman, Katrina Zwaaf
Susan Brower


  1. Approval of previous minutes (when Susan returns from vacation)
  2. Current Projects/Information Sharing
  3. Other topics

Meeting Minutes

1. Minutes not distributed. Susan will send them to members when she returns from vacation.

2. Current Projects/Information Sharing:

3. Other topics:

Jamie - In order to make room for newly purchased microfilm sets, Douglass has weeded much of their existing microfilm collection and sent material to Alex, awaiting consolidation decisions; Kilmer would like to do more monographic weeding

Linda - ongoing discussion of how to reconfigure Alexander microforms reading room due to expectation of receiving large volumes of film from consolidation project, and due to incorporation of film collections currently residing on walls of reading room; Art would like to send Alex all their film and fiche in near future

Next meeting: [October 10, 2012]: [Pane Room, Alex]Time: [10:00]
Next recorder: [Jamie Maguire]
Back up recorder: [Neera Sondhi]

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