Information Literacy Implementation Advisory Committee (ILIAC): Charge

This charge to an Information Literacy Implementation Advisory Committee serves as a follow up to the Rutgers Libraries expressed desire to

It is readily acknowledged that for any University-wide information literacy program to be implemented and to succeed it will ultimately require recognition of this need at the highest levels within the University and for a partnership with the teaching faculty. To this end, the Information Literacy Implementation Advisory Committee (ILIAC) is intended to act upon some of the recommendations from its predecessor Information Literacy Task Force Report and to gather further information to advise the University Librarian, the Associate University Librarian-Research and Instructional Services, and others on the library faculty.

The ILIAC is charged with the following responsibilities:

The Advisory Committee will report its findings initially to the AUL-RIS and to the User Services Council. An update on Committee progress should be delivered to the User Services Council at its February 2011 meeting, with preliminary report requested by April 1, 2011. A final report should be available by May 2, 2011 and made available initially to the University Librarian, the AUL-RIS, and the User Services Council for discussion and further action.

Mary Fetzer
Interim AUL-RIS
21 October 2010

*Will require IRB review.

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