Instructional Services Committee: Charge

The Instructional Services Committee is a group of instruction coordinators and/or librarians skilled in instruction or instructional technology that is charged to develop continuously and oversee the instruction program of the Rutgers University Libraries. The instruction program includes both traditional and innovative paths to learning.

Members of the Committee provide leadership across the system and within their own library group in articulating and meeting the instruction needs of the University community. They provide instruction, create instructional materials in all formats, and solicit participation in both activities from others. The Committee also gives support to instruction librarians and staff systemwide by identifying needed equipment, training, and other resources and developing funding proposals and other plans. Committee members are expected to create a climate of commitment and excitement across the campuses for library instruction and information literacy. The Associate University Librarian for Public Services and Communications provides or seeks to acquire support for Committee activities from the Libraries or other resources as appropriate.

The Instructional Services Committee is a subgroup of the Public Services Council, and members are appointed by the Associate University Librarian for Public Services and Communications.

Last updated June 29, 2005
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