Minutes of Friday June 29, 2001 Meeting

Leslie Murtha (chair), Jackie Mardikian, Stephanie Tama Bartels, Eileen Stec, Julie Still, Scott Hines (recorder), Sam McDonald
Minutes                                         5 minutes
Announcements and updates                       5 minutes
ALA debriefing                                  20 minutes
Old Business
        Web page design
                move to next phase              10 minutes
        Instruction program model development   1 hour and 20 minutes
New Business
        Goals for coming year                   20 minutes

Decisions made

  1. Instructional web pages label will be "Library Instruction & Help".
  2. Goals for coming year include building one online instructional module and creating assessment tools as part of larger goal of developing multi-tiered information literacy curriculum and marketing that curriculum to teaching faculty.

Tasks to be completed



ALA debriefing

Leslie attended preconference on assessment where she saw presentations on best practices, organizational change, peer appraisal, and "summative and formative assessment" in which differences between "on-the-record" and "personal use" assessment were outlined.

She also attended session on collaboration -- collaboration with faculty is a longstanding area of difficulty, but it can succeed if librarians jump at any opportunity for collaboration. Julie found in her research that history and chemistry faculty collaborate partly because their national associations have included research skills in their recommended curricula.

In the poster sessions, some notables included a program in Florida in which teaching faculty are paid to attend a summer session led by librarians, as well as a Virginia program in which attitudes about info literacy among teaching faculty were the focus of a survey.

Eileen attended a "publish and flourish" session -- tips included contacting editors before completing writing in order to get feedback on idea for submission and a disscussion about whether a "readable" article is publishable.

Eileen also attended a session on accessibility in which XML was a topic of discussion.

Sam attended the tech sessions and noted that wireless and open source software are big topics, and he also noted a de-emphasis on ebooks this year.

Jackie noted that at the Medical Libraries Association meeting, on the other hand, ebooks is still a big topic.

Web Page Design

Eileen presented results of survey that showed "library help" to be a favorite among students in the survey as a label for instructional pages. Final decision is to use "Library Instruction & Help" as the top level link label for the instructional web pages.

Library instruction program/goals for the coming year

Decision was made to implement an academic integrity online instructional module and to develop assessment tools. Both of these will contribute to the goal of building a multi-tiered information literacy program in which tiers are structured according to assessments of skills acquired by students at each level. These plans also contribute to the goal of building a marketing plan that will allow for better integration of library instruction into the University's general curriculum through more collaboration with teaching faculty.

We will also move toward getting librarian representation on curriculum committees.

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