Minutes of Friday, July 27, 2001 Meeting

Vib Bowman (Recorder), Jeris Cassel, Jackie Mardikian, Bobbie Tipton, Scott Hines, Tricia Libutti, Leslie Murtha (chair), Ka- Neng Au - guest

Review of Minutes

No corrections or changes to minutes.

Announcements and Updates

Leslie needs BI Stats ASAP for the ISC Annual Report.

Patricia Libutti is the new Education Librarian at Alexander. She will be joining ISC.

Rebecca Gardner has been elected to represent instruction at the Public Services Council. She will be attending ISC meetings.

Leslie did a presentation to the NB faculty last Friday, 7/20, about Instructional Services.

There was a presentation at Public Services Council Thurs., 7/26, regarding infra -structures. Leslie summarized the discussions about these proposals, which included server capabilities for future ISC projects. Leslie proposed a joint meeting with RU Systems and ISG to discuss future projects.

Tricia is working on a Virtual Curriculum Materials center.

New Business

Au demonstrated his library project created for E-College.

Background information: RU is initiating an e-college, distance learning. Currently, Rutgers is offering a few dozen courses. RUL is now part of the planning process and is developing a library module for distance learning.

Default browser for the design in Internet Explorer.

At present, the distance-learning students register off-line and receive a password and an ID through the mail.

A question arose about maintenance of this site. Au in the current administrator for the site and will continue for the foreseeable future. Future uses of the site were discussed.

Au will mirror the content of the site by next Thurs., will be available for sharing - Au will e-mail committee members when the mirror site as soon as it is ready.

Old Business

Instruction Program Model-Revisited:

Public Services requested that ISG produce an Instructional Program Model for Rutgers University. Bobbie suggested that the group define level of instructions and what ISG hope to accomplish for each group: Levels beginning undergraduates advanced undergraduate, graduate students, senior researchers, and faculty.

Annual Report for the Instructional Services Committee - Preliminary draft passed around for comments.

Meeting Ended 12:45.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/instructional_services/minutes/isc_01_07_27.shtml
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