Minutes of Friday, January 4, 2002 Meeting

Leslie Murtha (presiding), Triveni Kuchi, Tricia Libutti, Jackie Mardikian, Rebecca Gardner, Stephanie Tama, Julie Still (by telephone), Roberta Tipton.

Minutes accepted as amended.


Eileen Stec gave a demo of the plagiarism module developed for Shaping a Life at the State of the Libraries meeting.

Changes to Sirsi after the recent upload were discussed.

New Web pages will be rolled out by January 22nd.

Leslie will be the instruction coordinator for Kilmer as well as distance learning coordinator for the system while Jeris is on sabbatical.

A library workshop for retired faculty will be held on a Sunday in February (10). Volunteer instructors are welcome.

Leslie will talk with Jana Varlejs about student interns from her bibliographic instruction class at SCILS.

ELF funds will allow replacement of many public workstations, including stations in the electronic classrooms, plus some additional equipment for instruction.

Leslie will be writing a proposal to ACIC (Advisory Committee on Instructional Computing, New Brunswick) for new classroom control software.

Uma Swamy, who has been doing our bibliographic instruction statistics, will be resigning from the libraries. Please hold mid-year statistical reports until further notice.

Old Business

Web page update continues.

Marketing intelligence work continues. We discussed using liaison appointments and membership on curriculum committees to raise consciousness among faculty for information literacy activities.

The extended meeting is being folded into the workshops under "New Business".

New Business

It was decided to design a new instruction brochure targeted to non-library faculty. Tricia, Jackie, and Leslie are on the committee.

Curriculum materials examples for the instruction Web pages were solicited.

Bobbie was assigned to come up with a file structure for sharing handouts files and templates. [This was later accomplished with contributions from Triveni, Leslie, and Tricia.]

We will present three workshops/brown bags on topics from the ACRL Immersion ' 01 for people in the libraries. Leslie and Tricia will discuss details with Marilyn Wiltz.

Triveni shared some really attractive, colorful flowcharts for catalog searching, made with Microsoft Word and a color printer.

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