Minutes of February 14, 2003 Meeting

Jeris Cassel, Theo Haynes, Triveni Kuchi, Jackie Mardikian, Leslie Murtha (Chair), Eileen Stec, Roberta Tipton (Recorder)
Monica Devanas, Sabine Rauchmann, Marilyn Wilt

1. Minutes

Minutes of the January and November meetings were approved as read.

2. Announcements

Individuals attending the ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia reported on the instruction meetings held by various divisions, sections, and roundtables, including ACRL IS and LIRT. Plans for spring instruction with the English department in New Brunswick are going forward.

3. Planning for 50-Minute Instructor workshop, slated for April 25

The schedule will run approximately 9:30-3:00 or 3:30. Subjects to be presented will include negotiating with faculty, making lesson plans, writing learning objectives, and preparing teaching materials that can be recycled for other instructional opportunities. A handout fair and a pre- conference question to be shared with all participants will be features of the workshop.

4. Guest Speaker

Monica Devanas of the New Brunswick Teaching Excellence Center gave an excellent talk and led discussion with the group about assessment. She discussed the differences between summative evaluation, which is done to an instructor by others, and formative assessment, which helps one grow and excel at teaching. Ms. Devanas described some excellent programs and program materials in formative assessment from California State University, the United Kingdom, and other places. She discussed the construction and use of teaching portfolios, including personal statements, as well as the use of outside reviewers for self-assessment. The History Department in New Brunswick has a mentoring program (assessment and growth) and a peer review program (reporting and evaluation) which have different objectives and are kept separate.

Respectfully submitted,
Roberta Tipton, Recorder

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