Minutes of September 6, 2002 Meeting

Theo Haynes (via telephone conference), Triveni Kuchi, Jackie Mardikian, Leslie Murtha (Chair) Stephanie Tama-Bartels (Recorder), Eileen Stec, Donna Worthheimer (guest via telephone conference)

1. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the August 2, 2002, meeting were approved with an addendum entitled Instructional Service Committee Goals for AY 2002-2003.

2. Announcements and Updates

L. Murtha led successful new student orientations for Rutgers College students on the College Avenue and Busch campuses. The orientation included an information fair, presentation of a video about the libraries, and library tours. L. Murtha expressed thanks to participants Ryoko Toyama, Eileen Stec, Mary Frazier, Ryan Womack, Sara Harrington. New handouts on basic library services were mailed to incoming students or were included in packets prepared by Rutgers College.

T. Kuchi and S. Tama represented the libraries at the University College orientation information fair.

J. Mardikian suggested that the International Student orientations offered on the different campuses be combined into one orientation presented by one science librarian and one social science librarian.

T. Haynes reported that an orientation at Robeson Library was sponsored by the dean of students' office. Food was offered and students were permitted to bring family members. The orientation was a success.

S. Tama presented to the First Year Interest Group peer instructors during their orientation. The libraries have initiated a collaboration with the FIGs program to develop an online tutorial which can be tailored to the different subject areas of the different FIGs courses.

S. Tama and Karen Wenk presented at the Graduate Teaching Assistant orientation. S. Tama addressed arts and humanities and social science resources. K. Wenk focused on science resources.

T. Haynes reported that a library orientation was held for Teaching Assistants at Camden.

J. Mardikian informed the committee that Vale is looking for input on types of online tutorials to construct. D. Worthheimer added that every school will receive a solicitation from Vale for ideas.

L. Murtha advised that Kilmer Library's portable projector purchased with ELF funds has arrived and available for presentations outside of the library; that university administration purchased a table-top display board that is available for use; and Ken Kuehl can assist with making oversized print jobs.

L. Murtha, J. Cassel, E. Stec and S. Tama met with Michael Cripps, the English 201 writing program coordinator regarding library instruction for the program. More flexibility was built into the library instruction component so that course instructors and librarians can negotiate freely the number of library sessions to be held and the substance of each session. Also, English 201 instructors will be encouraged to take on some areas of instruction themselves. Web Evaluation was identified as a suitable area of instruction for course instructors to assume. E. Stec led a session for returning English 201 instructors on how to teach this topic. L. Murtha and S. Tama met with new English 201 instructors to discuss the substantive aspects of the instruction sessions as well as the procedures for scheduling sessions.

E. Stec is promoting the use of the Academic Integrity module she created. Anyone that hears of its use, please let E. Stec know.

E. Stec reported on her experience at IFLA in Scotland where she presented a poster session on the Academic Integrity module. She also became a member of an IFLA committee concerned with information literacy and she will be conducting a workshop on assessment at IFLA 2003 in Berlin, Germany. She is looking for a co-presenter.

T. Kuchi reported that SDI is in progress and is being pulled together to look like the libraries' web site pages.

3. Old Business

The committee discussed evaluation criteria for teaching in the libraries having been asked to develop such criteria by the Coordinating Committee. L. Murtha will prepare a document covering the substance of the discussion and post it for committee review. Committee members should send any additional ideas for consideration to the group listserv. J. Mardikian will contact the Teaching Excellence Center for criteria the Center may have developed.

4. New Business

E. Stec presented and explained data collected in the Shaping A Life pre- and post-assessments. A written analysis will be available at a later date. She will also be doing a brown bag presentation.

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