Minutes of November 1, 2002 Meeting
Draft 3, Rev. 2/5/03

T. Haynes, T. Kuchi, P. Libutti (recorder), J. Mardikian , M. Metzger [guest], L. Murtha [Chair], S. Rauchmann [guest], E. Stec, D. Wertheimer [by phone from Camden].
Sabine Rauchmann [intern at Alexander from Potsdam, Germany] and Mary Metzger [SCILS Student] were introduced


The Minutes for October were not available, due to computer problems experienced by the October recorder. The October Minutes will be available before the next scheduled meeting.


A. Grant funds from Advisory Committee for Instructional Computing

L. Murtha reported that funds from the ACIC grant have been released, and equipment and software purchases are under weigh. Decisions need to be made about the purchase of the NetOp School software for classroom control. At this time, the performance of NetOp in the IHLs has been unsatisfactory, but it is hoped that the next release of the software will resolve the problems. After consultations with representatives from the SCC and Library Systems, it was decided that a rigorous test of the new release would be made as soon as possible. If results prove positive, the program may be further tested at Douglass Library. If all goes well, the purchase of the software will proceed as originally planned. If problems persist, three other programs have been selected for fast-track testing.

Following discussion highlighted problems across the system with network servers. Problems included slowness and e-mail access issues.

B. Web of Science Workshop Introductions.

L. Mitterand contacted L. Murtha to elicit interest from librarians to do introductions for the workshops, to be held in the Teleconference Lecture Hall, SCC, broadcast to Camden, on Thursday, Nov.7, 9:30-11 and to LSM on Friday, Nov.8, 9:30-11]. J. Mardikian noted a conflict in timing with the scheduled RUL Faculty meeting (Nov.8th).

C. Knowledge Maze.

Murtha reported that staff in the SCC would review the programming in the Knowledge Maze.


A. Shaping a Life Implementation.

E. Stec led discussion of the spring 2003 implementation of the course. A Librarian being assigned to a specific section was considered to be linked with students' likelihood of consultation with a librarian.

A two-session approach would be used, instruction would be located in the Instruction Area in Douglass. There are 100 fewer students than last year scheduled to take the spring Shaping a Life course. Course instructors are not comfortable teaching the Web evaluation component of the course. Stec discussed offering a Train-the-Trainer session for the course instructors, including the creation of a web page so the instructors "can see what a WebCrawler sees." The suggestion was favorably received by those present.

The librarian-taught session content would be Developing a Topic [weeks of Feb.10 & Feb. 21] and How to Search for Journals [weeks of March 3& 14th]. Stec emphasized that there was a need to orient students to the library with transferable concepts, e.g., the process to be taught would be the use of the "online catalog", not " IRIS ".

B. Handbook

Stec and Rauchmann are developing a Handbook to give to students on searching techniques. The print Handbook includes searching strategies and exercises. A Teacher's edition, including assignments, is a future goal. She reported extensive use the "How Do I" segments of the Library Web page by students, visible in library instructional sessions in Shaping a Life.

C. Spring 2003 Shaping a Life Discussion.

Past practices and expectations for the spring Shaping a Life dominated the exchange. T. Haynes had taught all English 101 and 102 courses at Camden last year, and wanted to see teaching examples. Murtha noted that working with controlled vocabulary in IRIS led to understanding of the use of descriptors in databases; Mardikian noted the ease of finding items with holdings information in IRIS. Libutti suggested peer observation as a means of increasing one's teaching options.


A. Funding Priorities for Instruction.

L. Murtha opened the discussion by stating that both system-wide and New Brunswick opportunities for funding would be examined, and priorities needed to be set by the Committee. She used a prepared list which would need additional items and updating. Updating needs included provision of hardware and software for branch libraries [Art, Chang). T.Haynes noted that ELF funding provided new smaller computers that enabled an instructor to view the class. Libutti suggested personnel and renovation be the highest priorities.

Others made suggestions for specific equipment that would improve the visual quality of handouts [color laser printer, color photocopier]. Murtha concluded this segment of the meeting with a request that online discussion continue idea generation and evaluation in between meetings.

B. Fifty Minute Instructor.

L. Murtha suggested that the planning aspects of Instruction be brought up as ideas for the Fifty Minute Instructor session to be developed for the spring semester. Murtha suggested sample classes, modeling teaching behaviors. E. Stec noted that the Shaping a Life Plagiarism module would promote problem solving.

The 25th of April was selected as a viable date, after schedule discussion. Other factors influencing the decision included the potential for SCILS students to attend at the time. A Task Force [Murtha, Tipton and Libutti], appointed during the October meeting, would continue with planning and bring proposals to the group's attention by e-mail and in future ISC meetings.

C. Class for doctoral students.

P. Libutti deferred the discussion until another meeting so that the time could be spent on the preliminary discussion on Election of an ISC Chair.

D. Election of Chair: Preliminary Discussion.

The ISC is different from other committees in Rutgers University Libraries, which have a changeover of chairs in June. ISC has a changeover of Chair in January due to the date of formation of the ISC. Shifting the election date to correspond with other RUL elections would make it easier for librarians to undertake this responsibility. ISC elections are internal to the committee. After discussion, the committee voted unanimously to shift the election of the chair to June.

Strategies were then discussed for handling the transition period between January and June 2003. Three possibilities were explored:

1. Continuation of L. Murtha as Chair until June 2003, with election of a chair to be scheduled for a realigned term of office.

2. Election of an Interim Chair for six months.

3. Election to be scheduled for December and Chair to take office in January 2003 and remain in office until June 2005.

Murtha was willing to continue as Chair for the next six months. The group was unanimous in support of that option.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:10PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia O'Brien Libutti,

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