Minutes of January 3, 2003 Meeting

Leslie Murtha (chair), Tricia Libutti, Rebecca Gardner, Bobbi Tipton, Theo Haynes, Eileen Stec (recorder) Donna Wertheimer (virtually). Sabine Rauchmann (guest).

Minutes from the November meeting were discussed, additions and changes were made. Corrected minutes will be emailed, then approved and posted.

The December ISC meeting was cancelled due to bad weather conditions.


Planning update for the 50-minute instructor series. An outline was distributed to the committee and discussed, generally. The group will meet Jan 17th to firm up the shape of the workshop Spring, 2003.

Library instruction curriculum materials repository. LM will be moving forward with this project this Spring. As the form of the repository is developed we can add complexity in the form of searching & sustainability.

PL has asked that committee members complete the entry form and test the entry capabilities of a VALE-sponsored instruction repository.

Funding priorities for instruction: continued the discussion from our last meeting. If you have additional ideas please send them to LM

Strategic planning:

Mike Giarlo would like a group of instructors to test the NetOp sortware in the SCC.

Mid-year evaluation of the committee's goals:

Most of the goals are well underway.

The Instructional Service Committee goals for AY 2002-2003 are:

Curriculum Development

Digital initiatives

Professional Development

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/instructional_services/minutes/isc_03_01_03.shtml
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