Minutes of April 4, 2003 Meeting

Jeris Cassel, Rebecca Gardner, Patricia Libutti, Jackie Mardikian (recorder), Leslie Murtha (Chair), Eileen Stec, Bobbie Tipton, Donna Wertheimer (by phone)

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Announcements and Updates:

Leslie made 3 announcements:

1) Jeanne will attend our June meeting.

2) Stephanie Bartz has two computers (obtained for the Librarians without Borders project) with wireless technology. We discussed which libraries would have use for these computers. Before a PC is accepted at LSM, it was suggested that Stephanie contact Pamela Johnson.

3) The User Education Committee of NJLA is offering a program "Preparing for Library Instruction in the E-Classroom" on May 21.

Donna proudly reported that Theo has increased the number of classes for Freshman English at Camden.

Patricia has informal feedback and comments, a qualitative analysis working on building a curriculum consensus for Alexander Librarians.

Old Business:


A new web site developed by Stephanie Bartz at the request of the ISSG was discussed. Two items (time of day and course number) are no longer needed on the Statistics forms. NB librarians will be asked to fill out their forms online starting in July.

Planning Update for 50 Minute Instructor Series:

Planning is going very well. There is already a waiting list of registrants. A general e-mail will be sent to remind everyone to return the questionnaires to Patricia. This gives us good data.

Leslie reminded speakers to provide her with an abstract of the session, learning objectives and a bio.

The Hughes Room will be booked for breakout sessions and small discussions.

Eileen needs easels for her session.

Bibliographies and swapmeet materials need to be submitted. Handout materials need to be assembled.

New Business:

Planning for Development of Research Program:

We need two teams: Leslie will draft a formal charge for each team.

1) The Benchmarking and Competencies Team members are Leslie, Bobbie, Jackie and Rebecca.

2) The Qualitative Methodology and Needs Assessment Team members are Tricia (team leader). Eileen, Donna, Tiveni. Donna volunteered to conduct a literature review.

Jeris and Theo are undecided.

We need to develop a PLAN and a methodology by the May meeting. An extended discussion will be made at the June meeting with Jeanne. A working plan will be in place for the fall session.

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