Minutes of February 6, 2004 Meeting

R. Tipton, (chair), J. Mardikian, J. Boyle, T. Kuchi, T. Haynes, L. Murtha, J. Cassel, E. Stec, R. Gardner (recorder)

1. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes from the November 7, 2003 and January 16, 2004 meetings were approved. Sam will post these and Bobbi will forward the URL to rul_everyone.

2. Announcements:

- Eileen announced that the Route 18 construction project will begin this summer or fall. There will be a series of sequential road closings that will impact class scheduling, parking, and travel across the New Brunswick/Piscataway Campus. A university task force is working on the issues involved.

- Linda Langschied contacted Jeris about removing the Knowledge Maze link from SCC page since individuals outside Rutgers call about non-functioning pieces. The group agreed the link should be removed, but that the tutorial should still be accessible for internal use. Sam will put the link on the Staff Resources page and Jeris will put it on the non-public NBinstruction website.

- Jeanne is pulling together a group of teaching faculty to form an information literacy advisory/support group which may give us input and feedback for our tutorials.

- There was a suggestion that we catalog Journal of Interactive Online Learning ( http://www.ncolr.org/jiol ) as a freebie.

3. Tutorial Evaluations:

The group thanked Sam for modifying Western Michigan's version of Searchpath to include IRIS and Rutgers database examples where appropriate. Jeris and Rebecca reviewed module 4: "finding articles". They liked the clean look of this version and feel that it won't look "dated". Some alterations need to be made, but the basic framework is excellent. They felt that the quizzes at the end would need some work if they were to be included, but that we should not hold up the main part of the module, and add the quiz later if the committee thinks it is needed.

Bobbi evaluated "choosing a topic". She liked BOLT because of the way the quiz can be manipulated (can be emailed to professor, etc.).

Jackie and Eileen looked at the "catalog searching" module. Because this module is based on an individual library's catalog, it is the one that will need the most revision. They had concerns about the length of IRIS screen captures. Rutgers has very long catalog records. The fact that we have so many library locations to explain will also complicate things. They found Western Michigan's Searchpath too wordy, and noted that there is too much text before students get a chance to actually search. Dividing this module into two might make sense. One module would be basic catalog searching, and the other would be reserves, self services and interlibrary loan.

Theo reviewed the introduction and determined that only minor changes are needed.

Triveni examined "using the web", and felt that the module needs more about when it is appropriate to use the web for research. Also, she thought it felt a little dated.

Leslie reviewed the "citing sources" modules and created a chart of various versions of TILT and Searchpath, presenting what she did or did not like.

Decision: We will go with Western Michigan's version of Searchpath. The basic structure of each module seems good, so we should be able to modify for our own use. Sam will work with each subgroup do to that. Eventually we'll need to discuss whether we need the new, return and guest user options on the opening page. If we use images, etc. from versions other than Western Michigan's Searchpath, we may need to get licenses. Therefore, be sure to note and document the origin of any graphics or anything else borrowed from other versions.

Next meeting will be held at IHL 413 on March 5th at 1:30.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/instructional_services/minutes/isc_04_02_06.shtml
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