Minutes of October 1, 2004 Meeting

Jeris Cassel, Rebecca Gardner, Kim Gallon, Theo Haynes, Heather Huey, Triveni Kuchi, Patricia Libutti, Sam McDonald, Jackie Mardikian, Eileen Stec, Bobbie Tipton (chair)

Jeanne Boyle Reported on work of the Curriculum Committee CC

Sam McDonald on Searchpath:

The IRIS module in Searchpath will to be revised when IRIS changes to the SIRSI iLink system and this will affect when and how the promotion of SearchPath will be done if the migration happens in January. Sam and Jeanne expressed concerns about the timing of the migration on other Public Services areas such as updating all the web pages for the new IRIS (blue buttons, search forms, etc.). Jeanne will relate these concerns to IPAC and Systems. Based on other information it is expected that RUL will probably delay the roll-out to May, which means that SearchPath can be rolled-out and promoted early in Spring 2005 as planned.

RUL Searchpath is in the process of reprogramming. It will be available again in late November. Code cleanup has been finished. Sam has handed it to Shawn for reprogramming while Sam on vacation.

Theo asked about using only segments of Searchpath modules for more specific instruction packages prepared for instructors/classes. Jeanne will research this and respond later. Sam noted that pointing to modules bypasses the introductory "welcome mat" which has information about software requirements.

SAILS is moving along. Eileen has tested the switch to turn on access to the assessment; access will be during testing times in the SCC IHL's, and Douglass instruction alcove. Students have to type in a URL for the assessment. Jackie and Tony are helping Eileen with the evening administration of the classes over two weeks. Goodies are still to be bought. The raffle form is still to be created. Soliciting students to participate has be done through instructors in Perspectives on Agriculture and English 101. Letters asking students to participate are being sent as from each individual instructor. Eileen is working with both full time and PTLs. Hoping to get 400 students. Need 200 usable responses finally.

Theo announced that tutorials are available on eReserves and Remote Access. She will send URL for eReserves. All ISC was asked to look at Remote Access tutorial from the Robeson Library homepage link. Most of ISC was unaware that the Remote Access one was available.

My Rutgers is to give the Libraries a tab.

Patricia reported on a PSC task force on first time users, and the idea of creating a virtual tour for them. Instead the task force came up with three things 1st time users must have to use the library:

  1. Barcode
  2. PIN
  3. library website

Theo will send her Welcome postcard that Robeson library greeters handed out and the bookmark which is given out to all students in English 101 and at new student orientation.

Other ideas for distribution of this Welcome message were to have people hand it out on campus buses, and to put in campus mail boxes.

There was much discussion of creating a file of pictures taken by RUL of RUL parts Decided to add this as part of what is currently the NB instruction database which Jeris has spearheaded, which has a search engine to handouts, powerpoints, exercise templates, and examples. This will have a new URL and be on the ISC staff page as a useful link. Scc-net.rutgers.edu/education

Patricia announced the upcoming publication of Digital Resources and Librarians: Case Studies in Innovation, Invention, and Implementation which includes contributions by Eileen, Patricia, and acknowledgment to Bobbie)

There was much discussion of the impact of the loss of TOC in catalog records because of the shift to YBP as jobber. Although it may currently be too costly at this point, some ISC members felt the loss acutely because of students using keyword searching. Members with anecdotal evidence of the usefulness of the TOC in the catalog records, should send comments and details to Patricia/Bobbie who will forward to PSC.

The committee examined the newly designed Information Literacy and Library Instruction webpages. Bobbie and Heather who had created them over the past several months, noted recommended changes, and asked that members more closed examine them and send further comments. ISC will work with WAC to arrive at a suitable linking from the RUL main page and navigation bar.

Meeting adjourned at noon or there abouts.

Respectfully submitted,
Theo Haynes

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