Minutes of January 7, 2005 Meeting

J. Boyle, M. Foster, R.Gardner(recorder) , J.Mardikian, P. Libutti, S. McDonald, R. Tipton (chair)

1) The group welcomed Mira Foster, a new librarian V based at Alexander library.

2) The agenda was approved.

3) The minutes of the December ISC meeting were approved.

4) SearchPath Update: SearchPath will be moved to the production server next week. Sam will send it out to the ISC for one final review before then. Jeanne will send an announcement to RUL the week of January 18th and encourage librarians and staff to familiarize themselves with the tutorial. She will state that she will be providing language that library faculty can use to notify their teaching faculty and others when it is ready for public use in February. Members of ISC should talk about SearchPath in their librarians meetings. For the February roll out, it will be added to the Faculty Services page. There will be a news item and WAC may need to find a spot on the RUL homepage to highlight it temporarily.

5) Instruction Webpages Update: WAC will review new pages after the end of January.

6) Announcements: Several ISC members were at a recent VALE meeting where Camden s PsycINFO tutorial was demonstrated. SearchPath is referred to in the tutorial. Hopefully the tutorial will be shared with all of RUL. Jeris will be attending the ACRL conference on partnering with teaching faculty. Gayle Stein, from OIT, has been in contact with Jeanne regarding sponsoring a seminar on information literacy. We might think of a program for them that would include SearchPath. The new IRIS should be up and running by the end of spring semester. The IRIS module of SearchPath will need to be updated to reflect changes. Cabinet has information literacy issues among its goals. Bobbie may invite Marilyn and Harry to an ISC meeting to discuss these issues with us. The group was reminded that EZ Proxy is coming on January 18th.

7) RUL Strategic Plan Input: The committee came up with a draft statement to be submitted as input for the strategic plan:

The Rutgers University Libraries shall provide leadership for information literacy at Rutgers University. Building and strengthening system-wide collaboration and coordination with teaching faculty, as well as organizations such as OIT, the Teaching Excellence Centers and the Learning Resource Centers will be required to maximize our efforts. Focus on personnel resources will be necessary to produce and maintain content of materials and to increase technical expertise.

Bobbie and Tricia will provide a statement of the importance of information literacy at the University.

8) SearchPath Assessment: Tricia facilitated a discussion on possible ways to assess the effectiveness of SearchPath. She noted that, in general, there are three prevailing issues to assessment; cost benefit ratio (i.e. the salary needed for librarians and support personnel s time spent revising the tutorial, skill outcomes for members of the committee, teaching time saved, etc.), amount of use, and attitude of students and faculty. The next step is to let Tricia know what we need to know and why we need to know it. The group brainstormed and came up with the following list:

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/instructional_services/minutes/isc_05_01_07.shtml
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