Minutes of February 7, 2005 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Jeris Cassel (recorder), Mira Foster, Rebecca Gardner, Harry Glazer (guest), Theo Haynes (via videoconference), Patricia Libutti, Sam McDonald, Jackie Mardikian, Roberta Tipton (chair), Marilyn Wilt (guest)

Minutes of the January meeting approved.

Searchpath Update

Most of the feedback to date is textual, not conceptual. Copyright permission for use of Gandhi image received with the proviso of a different copyright credit statement. There will be a direct link from the homepage below the "How Do I " link. There will be links from other pages as well, including the Faculty Services page. Searchpath is on track for a February 21 rollout date.

IRIS changes with the installation of SIRSI iLink software will be open for comment after Spring Break. The IRIS test catalog is available under the IPAC Useful Links. Sam will review changes needed to Searchpath. Jackie and Theo, in consultation with Eileen, will work on necessary revisions for the IRIS module.

The Council of New Jersey College and University Librarians, Library Directors and Deans is interested in a demo of Searchpath in May. Two dates have been proposed.

Searchpath Rollout Plans and Training Needs

Harry reviewed the marketing plan for Searchpath and distributed a draft press release for comments. The "Suffering from Information Overload?" image will be used. Send Harry final comments by Friday, February 11.

ISC members are to market Searchpath through an email signature file. Harry will draft a statement.

Harry emphasized the role of librarians in raising and maintaining the visibility of Searchpath. Include it on the agenda of any meetings. The group agreed on a goal of each member contacting six (6) people by whatever means every month to promote the tutorial. Reaching both library colleagues and teaching faculty is important.

Marilyn discussed promoting Searchpath and information literacy within RUL by including information literacy in the series of training and professional development programs planned for the year. The emphasis of the series is on strategic directions and technology. The group supported and applauded this idea.

Promoting Searchpath to external groups such as Vale and NJLA is not appropriate at this time. Such groups will be interested in data regarding use and impact. Searchpath will be more meaningful to the groups when a NETID for guest access is added in the future.

Emphasis should be on introducing RUL staff, especially in information services and access services, to Searchpath through training and development programs.

Final Review of Searchpath

A final review of the modules for spellings, testing quizzes, etc will be done by February 18 as follows:

Module I-Tricia,
Module II-Mira,
Module III-Bobbie,
Module IV-Rebecca,
Module V-Theo,
Table of Contents-Jeanne,
Module IV-Eileen (?),
Acknowledgements, help, etc.---Bobbie


Tricia distributed a discussion document "Overview: Assessment Plan for Phases One and Two for Searchpath Spring and Fall 2005" which outlines the stages of assessment with responsible persons, area of assessment with time frame, analytical methodology, and expected outcomes for decision and action. The approach uses qualitative and quantitative data over a year and a half. Emphasis over the next two weeks is on the benchmarking of librarian awareness. Tricia will provide information to Sam and Shaun for a Web survey to be distributed within RUL.

Other actions suggested were to revise the feedback survey on Searchpath, send Harry contacts/follow-up emails sent to faculty regarding information on use of the tutorial, and to give a free from survey at the end of classes.





Web Pages Update-Concept for Finding Aids pages

Due to time constraints, this agenda item was deferred to the next meeting.

Online Instruction Request Forms

Since there have been submissions that are not instruction requests as well as non-responses to real instruction requests, the form will be taken down until it can be made a priority.

ARL Spec Kits

Bobbie, Tricia, and Jeris agreed to help provide information for two ARL surveys that Jeanne received. One is on distance information literacy and the other on instruction improvement programs.

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