Minutes of June 3, 2005 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Jeris Cassel, Mira Foster, Rebecca Gardner, Theo Haynes (via videoconference), Tony Joachim (recorder), Eileen Stec, Roberta Tipton (chair)

Minutes of the May meeting approved.


Searchpath Update

Sam's proposal for modifications to the Searchpath tutorial was reviewed and discussed. Concerns about guest access and the functionality of Module 4 (which requires access to an RUL licensed resource) were raised.

The committee supported the implementation of a guest login, but had concerns about how this service would be implemented, as well as the impact that on-campus users would have on assessment data. In addition, all present were in agreement that guest access should be as full as possible.

A series of questions were raised about the implications of these changes, and it was felt that some needed further consideration before a decision could be made:


Review of Framework Report

The committee reviewed the document, "A Learning Framework for Information Literacy and Library Instruction programs at Rutgers University Libraries", and discussed ways in which the ISC could promote and progress this endeavor. All agreed that it is important that the Libraries show that they are in support information literacy, and are actively addressing this need.

Bobbie suggested the development of a grant program which would encourage faculty collaboration with the Libraries. Through this grant, faculty would assist the Libraries in developing online resources which would, in turn, create interest for other faculty.

Eileen suggested the creation of resources and support for librarians that will assist them in the continued development of online tools.

At this point, the discussion changed focus to the need for trained support staff to facilitate and maintain these projects. The feeling was that, without a skilled and developed support network, the continued longevity of electronic tutorials and innovative technologies would be difficult to maintain. A sustainable plan of action for developing this internal expertise is required.



A discussion on the types of deliverables (subject tutorials, quick mini-tutorials, other, etc.) that the ISC should be creating on was begun. Tony suggested that our efforts might be best focused on a series of mini-tutorials that cover basic information literacy skills. These mini-tutorials would be supplemented by subject specific tutorials, when necessary.

Eileen suggested that templates be generated upon which these tutorials could be easily built. A tool such as Captivate could be explored for this purpose, as it requires relatively little training in order to be able to create flashy and interactive tutorial components.

Further discussion will be necessary to establish the specific types of deliverables to be created, and to develop a better understanding of who will be creating these object.



The team reviewed the newly edited Library Instruction brochure, discussing the layout and content. Changes were suggested and, without adequate time to finish the discussion, it was decided to return to this item at the next meeting.


Due to lack of time, this item will be reviewed at the next meeting

Next Meeting

June 29th, 2005 in the University Librarian's Conference Room (Nicholas Rutgers Room), 9:30am- 12:05pm.

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