Minutes of June 29, 2005 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Jeris Cassel, Mira Foster, Theo Haynes (Chair), Tony Joachim, Tricia Libutti, Eileen Stec, Roberta Tipton (Recorder)

1. Minutes

Minutes for April, May, and June 3 meetings were approved as amended.

2. Announcements

The RUL Instruction Repository (available from nbl.rutgers.edu or www.scc.rutgers/instruction) is being updated to use the capabilities of SAKAI. The repository is open for business right now; entries of instruction materials in many formats are welcome.

The Searchpath instructional survey has been revised to capture data about how Searchpath is being used in real classes.

We captured 100 usable surveys from our SAILS pilot. Most of our students ranked about average with peer schools. SAILS is now redesigning the architecture of the survey in light of their experiences so far.

3. Guidelines for Agendas and Minutes

We will be changing procedures so that:

3a. RUL Group Questionnaire

The RUL Group Questionnaire requested by the Planning and Coordinating Committee for each committee was completed. [Distributed by e-mail week of July 5.]

3b. Topics for Future Meetings

We discussed the following:

4. Goals and Objectives for 2005-2006

(1) Information Literacy Deliverables (continued from 2004-2005; mentioned in Cabinet goals)

Continued our discussion from the last meeting about a series of quick tutorials on commonly- requested topics. We decided to leave the subject-based tutorials to the subject specialists/departmental liaisons and concentrate more on short explications of systemwide issues and software.

As previously mentioned, Jeris's group will transfer the New Brunswick teaching documents repository--becoming the systemwide repository-- to SAKAI format for easier use.

(2) Assessment of information literacy

We need to assess both individual progress of students and the program itself. We suggested the following:

Compile a list of common needs for tutorials. Identify websites at Rutgers and elsewhere that will help us accomplish our instruction goals and add them to our instruction pages. [N.B. Beth Bloom at Seton Hall University has written a tutorial on Carol Kuhlthau's ISP process for students.]

Searchpath assessment: crosscheck Searchpath results with the SAILS data. Examine frequently- missed questions and student reactions to Searchpath, including pages read. [Mira Foster has written a document on Searchpath analyzing what it covers and what it does not cover. This can be the beginning of other information literacy projects and classroom maneuvers.]

(3) Improve information literacy expertise and teaching abilities across RUL

(4) Provide financial and personnel support for instructional technology projects

Identify and describe job specifics for instructional technology specialist. (This task was given to a subcommittee consisting of Jeris, Tricia, Eileen, and Jeanne.)

5. Future planning

(1) The September meeting will be canceled. October 7th will be a regular meeting, and October 17th will be a meeting dedicated to assessment.

(2) As part of our prep for the October 17th assessment meeting, Eileen and Tricia will provide readings in assessment for the group. Eileen will send information on the Janet Williams article; Tricia will distribute the rest of the reading packet on assessment by October 7th at the latest; summer would be even better.

(3) A subcommittee was appointed to plan some brown bag lunches to help library faculty find out more about Searchpath and its uses (Tony, Mira, and Eileen are the subcommittee).

(4) Subcommittee reports are due August 10.

Respectfully submitted,
Bobbie Tipton, recorder

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