Minutes of October 17, 2005 Meeting

Patricia Libutti, Rebecca Gardner, Mira Foster, Jeanne Murray (guest), Rebecca Pressman, Tony Joachim, Eileen Stec, Theo Haynes (chair), Jackie Mardikian (recorder).

The meeting was dedicated to the assessment of Searchpath. Haynes distributed questions and answers for all the modules. Libutti distributed the agenda and a packet of educational reading materials about assessment. The meeting was an educational session in assessment techniques.

Libutti ran the meeting since she is the resident expert on assessment. We need to come up with an assessment plan, and all ISC members need to participate.

Libutti will analyze the quantitative data gathered between 2003 - October 2005. By the December 2 meeting, Libutti plans to share the descriptive data with ISC. This information will help us design a plan.

A new Design Task Force chaired by Libutti, and consisting of Foster, Stec, Pressman, Joachim and possibly Cassel was formed. The Design Task Force needs to select a module(s)and variables to be tested, pre and post test composition, a Prior Knowledge Questionnaire, Net ID linked to Quiz data and to PRIOR Knowledge data and to obtain human subject clearance. We probably need a minimum of 300 subjects for this kind of usability study.

All ISC members need to start thinking of which classes are good candidates for data selection. We all need to look at the PowerPoint presentations sent by Libutti and we all need to be involved in the implementation of the assessment tool completed by the Design Task Force.

Libutti will call the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to make arrangements for us to view the ORSP videos, to become educated in the process and to get certified. This training could possibly take place in January. Since we will all need to touch the data at some point, we all need to be certified by ORSP.

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