Minutes of December 2, 2005 Meeting

J. Boyle, M. Foster, T. Haynes (chair), P. Libutti, A. Joachim, R. Pressman (recorder), E. Stec.

1. Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the November 4, 2005 meeting were approved as written.

2. Announcements: 1) Eileen presented and emphasized Project SAILS results to the Faculty Advisory Committee. 2) Jeanne noted passing of Ilene Rockman. 3) The Public Services Council is conducting a librarywide forum to discuss the "Transforming Undergraduate Education" report on January 11, 2006 from 9:30-11:00.

3. Arrangements for Human Subjects Certification Training: Eileen has arranged two training sessions.

4. Wordsmith page for Searchpath that will allow login for RU users with NetId and guest users in January 2006: Mira distributed a handout based on her discussions with Sam and Shaun containing proposed revisions to the introductory Searchpath screens. The Committee discussed the revisions and agreed that 1) a guest users link should be used instead of a just visiting box, 2) the help for first time users link should appear on the Searchpath menu page above "Please make a selection" and 3) the Rutgers users box should include a prompt for RU users who are unsure about their NetId. Based on the Committee's comments, Mira will send revised Searchpath page information to Shaun and Sam; Tony will look into search screen capturing software used at SCILS.

5. Searchpath Assessment: Tricia distributed Raw Statistics on Modules One-Six and an Excel spreadsheet with data from Module 2 from November 1 through November 15, 2005. She drew the Committee's attention to a disclaimer noting that "due to a previous programming bug, quiz data before 11/3/2005 is corrupted and may not give accurate results." With Tricia's assistance, the Committee reviewed the data collected from November 1, 2005 to November 15, 2005 from Module 2. Tricia and Mira distributed 1) Searchpath Assessment Action Plan: December 2005 through May 2006 and 2) Searchpath Assessment Interview: Draft 1. The Committee discussed the pros and cons of prompting the subjects when they get stuck during performance of each task without reaching a firm conclusion. Various committee members volunteered to take responsibility for action items on the Searchpath Assessment Action Plan. An updated version of the Searchpath Assessment Action plan is available on Sakai in the Searchpath Assessment folder of the Resources section.

6. Sakai- Mira distributed a Sakai "cheat sheet," a Word document entitled "Steps to uploading documents in Sakai."

Meeting adjourned at 12:11 (give or take).

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/instructional_services/minutes/isc_05_12_02.shtml
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