Minutes of September 8, 2006 Meeting

Jackie Mardikian, Rebecca Gardner, Triveni Kuchi, Theo Haynes (chair), Jeris Casel, Eileen Stec (recorder), Donna Wertheimer (virtually).

Theo delivered the final revised version of the instruction brochure to Francoise.

We shared our orientation experiences-far lower numbers than in the past are showing up for orientation activities, both students and RU departments.

Searchpath research

The group has decided that due to the Principal Investigator, Patricia Libutti's, retirement and budget cuts causing reduction in personnel the committee will revisit the results at a later date.

Writing Program instructors are interested in the results of this research-to date, students felt they learned more from the library instructors than the tutorials. The results of the Searchpath research conducted do not isolate the effectiveness of this online tutorial from other influences on student learning such as library instruction or librarian reference help and so on.

The Middle States self-assessment group meetings may further inform the development of this committee's assessment work-in-progress.

Future goals

We discussed how we are going to adapt our teaching with a smaller set of personnel.

The popularity of "how do I" tutorials was discussed. Classroom instructors have been given access to the NBL Instruction Database. Course instructors have been enthusiastic about access to these tools.

Another suggestion was to expand wireless access into instruction areas with fewer than 25 student computers and encouraging students to bring laptops to optimize student computer access. Several libraries have either an insufficient number of computers for each student, a lack of space to expand instruction areas or both problems. Due to larger class sizes this year, we expect more problems with crowding and computer access than in prior years.

We began creating a wish list of mini-tutorials we might like to create using shortcuts, tricks and tips we have learned over time. We must try approaches the student is likely to use, rather than the "proper library" method. Each member will bring a tip to the next ISC meeting and build the wish list. Then we'll tackle how to build the tutorials.

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