Minutes of January 12, 2007 Meeting

Theo Haynes, Jeris Cassel, Eileen Stec (recording) amd Donna Wertheimer (virtual).

The only item discussed was the Access Services Training.

Timing of instruction sessions can only occur at the end of April due to heavy BI schedule for those on the committee and the ACRL conference in early May.

Reports from the Director's station training indicate that two sessions with assignments for attendees was highly successful. Using the idea of two sessions ISC is recommending a hybrid training in that the first session is independently completed by participants. This approach allows Access staff to complete materials at their own pace and current skill level. Participants will complete the Searchpath modules for IRIS and journal searching and be required to complete a selection of questions (based on the discipline covered by the particular Access staff) and a searching log will be also be kept so participants can recreate their searches and demonstrate them during the face-to-face class. The questions and searching-log page template will be prepared by ISC members.

Regarding the learning outcomes based on Access standards prepared before the January 12 meeting, the following additions and changes were recommended:

Concern was also expressed regarding the internal Access Services own Web pages-are Access staff using these to patrons? If so, these pages are not independently accessible to patrons and can cause confusion to users.

ISC librarians teaching these modules will be provided with sample questions to assess learning outcome success. These questions are not exhaustive nor inclusive of all academic disciplines. The librarians will be required to alter, add and delete questions as appropriate to the Access staff involved in the training.

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