Minutes of September 14, 2007 Meeting

Jeris Cassel (chair), Eileen Stec (recorder), Theo Haynes (virtual), Donna Wertheimer (virtual), Valeda Dent, Jackie Mardikian, Triveni Kuchi, Roberta Tipton (excused), Ka-Neng Au (guest).

1.Valeda Dent, AUL for RIS was welcomed to the meeting.

2.Committee members quickly shared their current teaching commitments.

3. Finding Aids revisited, Au and Jeris. Following further discussion of Finding Aids, Subject Guides and course guides the following recommendations were made:

4. Eileen previously forwarded an email from ETS to ISC members providing information and access passwords and websites for a demo version of both the Core and Advanced versions of the iSkills assessments. The free access remains available through October 4^th . RUL staff PCís will require the assistance of a PC Coordinator/Unit Computing Specialist with administrator access to run a program checking the PC for sufficient robustness to view the assessment in a recent Internet Explorer browser. The PC Coordinator/UCS must also allow download of a program that makes the IE Browser secure. Screen resolution must also be adjusted for the iSkills assessment.

Committee members are asked to complete one of the assessments before the access period expires. We will not receive a report on our ICT literacy skills, as this is not available in the free demo. Please consider how this assessment could be used (needs assessment, formative assessment or summative assessment.)

Eileen will contact ETS to obtain pricing for a version of iSkills that would report skill level strengths and weaknesses. At the next ISC meeting we will discuss the cost and inviting assessment-oriented RU faculty and administrators to take one of the assessments and receive an evaluation of their skills.

5. Triveni shared her extensive work on developing Subject Information Literacy standards in cooperation with ACRL, the American Sociological Association and the American Anthropological Association. She shared workshop materials used at a highly successful American Sociological Association Conference. She and her committee members made very strong working alliance with two anthropology and sociology professors from Southwestern University and Roanoke College.

The standards are awaiting ACRL approval, but have already been adopted by ASA and AAA and are available at www.lib.utexas.edu/subject/ss/anssuuk.index.html http://www.lib.utexas.edu/subject/ss/anssuuk.index.html.

The ASA has a resources team that advises department chairs on accreditation issues and Tiveniís committee plans to approach this team for further distribution throughout the academy.

ISC discussed how Triveniís experience and the standards could be shared with RUL and incorporated into practice at Rutgers.

6. Points to consider in future ISC meetings: do we still need geographic instruction coordinators for each NB campus or should the coordination be organized differently.

7. The following agenda items were deferred to the October meeting for the sake of keeping to a two-hour meeting schedule:

Other items for the next agenda include:

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