Minutes of June 6, 2008 Meeting

Jeris Cassel (Chair), Valeda Dent, Theo Haynes, Triveni Kuchi (recorder), Jackie Mardikian, Eileen Stec, Roberta Tipton, Donna Wertheimer.

Jeris convened the meeting at 9:35 a.m. Agenda was adopted and minutes from previous meeting approved.

The committee reviewed goals of the Instructional Services Committee:

1. Revise Searchpath in accordance with systemwide changes and user feedback.

Some changes and revisions were made to Searchpath last year.

2. Redevelop the Library Instruction and Information Literacy Web site.

The committee decided that a major redevelopment of the Library Instruction Website needs to be planned.

3. Develop short just-in-time tutorials for tool use and make available “best tutorials” accessible.

  • A new “Nursing Tutorial” project is underway.
  • Eileen plans to create training sessions on Captivate type of software that will aid in building quick pathfinders and tutorials.

4. Integrate major information literacy objectives (e.g., determination of information need and evaluation of sources) into courses by working with RUL liaisons and the teaching faculty in receptive departments.

  • Eileen plans to work with Business & Technical Writing Program for integrating IL and shared teaching.
  • Introductory Knowledge and Power
  • Learning Community Initiative
  • FIGS and IL
  • Continuing collaboration with 201 and 301 English classes
  • Dana Summer Program – Bobbie will be integrating IL into a class in this program.
  • ISC presented a program on integrating IL into disciplines on Dec 10, 2007.

5. Discuss university wide use of core skills assessment for preliminary (new student) information literacy levels, as a baseline for later assessment of IL program effectiveness.

Members agreed that core skills competency tests/assessments should focus more on Information literacy issues than computer/technology skills.

6. Provide suggestions and recommendations in a consulting capacity for upgrading or development of library facilities as learning spaces.

Camden computer lab within the library is adding 40 workstations. Dana is planning for additional classrooms. Kilmer received 8 additional workstations in the Instructional Alcove.

Instruction Statistics

The New Brunswick Campus libraries record statistics of library instruction classes/sessions on an online database http://www.scc.rutgers.edu/bi_stats. Jeris presented information about the database and invited Camden and Newark to use this database to record their information. Keeping all of the instruction statistics in one database can create a richer source of data, reduce errors and bring consistency in display thereby increasing the effectiveness of such data for librarians. Further categories for data entry/storage can be created and updated as needed. Discussion about current procedures for entering, maintaining and updating data as well as workload issues ensued.

Members agreed that next steps should include an overall analysis of needs and use of instruction statistics for each campus which would become a first step towards creating a common system-wide database for instruction statistics. After the analysis is done, the group will present the information to Valeda who can then determine the resources available to develop the database.

Planning for Assessment

Using “Nursing tutorial” as an instance, Valeda recommended that it was important to model such projects programmatically. Thinking more along the lines of campus-wide Information Literacy assessment would be a good start. These ideas will perhaps move forward in 2009; however, she emphasized that it is important to begin thinking about matters such as the groups of students that we can/will assess; methods and tests to use for assessment; etc. Discussion ensued about manageability of such programs; starting pilot projects and extracting reasonable achievable samples; modeling portable assessment groups in collaboration with CTAAR and its counterparts on other campuses. Valeda and members felt that a special meeting was needed to discuss assessment and details.

Planning for Instruction Coverage

Valeda announced that formalizing the teaching of “Writing Program” type of library instruction is essential for New Brunswick Campus. A budget line will be set aside to hire adjunct library instruction librarians to teach these classes.

Report of School Visits

Bobbie and Jeris presented reports about their visits to Schools – Hillsborough High School and Far Hills Day High School.

Jeris, Theo, Donna shared updates from VALE Shared Information Literacy Committee and NJLA CUS/ACRL – User education committees.

Next ISC meeting – July 11, 2008 – 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (later rescheduled to July 18, 1:00 p.m. , Kilmer Library, Media Classroom Room 010)

Respectfully submitted by
Triveni Kuchi

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