Minutes of July 18, 2008 Meeting

Jeris Cassel (facilitator), Eileen Stec (recorder), Triveni Kuchi, Bobbie Tipton (virtually), Theo Haynes (virtually.)

1. Follow-up on Statistics Discussion--analysis of need and use for standardized instruction statistics systemwide

The discussion emphasized the group's decision to make the statistics work for us rather than the other way around. Bobbie Tipton shared the format of her annual statistical report (in Excel) with Stephanie Bartz to see if they can be uploaded to the Access format. It appears, theoretically, that if the Excel data fields are slightly reordered and fields renamed, the data can be uploaded. However, Dana does not collect all the information NB/Piscataway campuses do so there would be some data unavailable, however most of that could be compensated for, i.e. the department and course number when Bobbie pulls a report. Dana also does not keep data on duration or multiple sessions, Dana could easily remap their user types with those used in the Access program. Assuming the small changes will allow uploading into Access, it would not add an undue burden for Bobbie to provide the files semi-annually to Stephanie for uploading. Theo Haynes keeps the instruction stats for Robeson and will contact Stephanie Bartz to see how the Robeson Excel data would interface. Robeson does keep stats on teaching at locations outside their library, i.e. Rowan University and Camden County College. Jeris will be meeting with Valeda next week and will share the information we have obtained so far so Valeda can determine staff time and resources she wants committed to this gathering process.

2. Re-developing Instruction website (brainstorming and planning session)

Brainstorming focused on the long-standing dichotomy-who are we serving via the instructional services pages, faculty or students? Faculty shy away from "skills" and that is the very thing students are looking for. We came up with several changes to our link title from the Libraries home page: "Library Learning Services", "Learning Services", "Information & Research Skills", "Library Research Services" and "Learn Research Strategies." Each idea would probably be favored by one user group and not the other. So, the brainstorming led to a trial of sorts; 1.approach the faculty via and under the "Faculty Services" link (this would leave the material in one click) and consider links to downloadable teaching files that faculty could easily add to their SAKAI sites, and also, 2. Change the "Library Instruction Link" to "Learning Tools" focused on tutorials and information geared to students. Assuming WAC concurs, we would recommend removing the Searchpath link from the front page to reside on the "Learning Tools" front page and ask that "Learning Tools" be placed near the "Research Resources" link.

Triveni Kuchi and Eileen Stec will work on a mockup of the Faculty pages, Jeris Cassel, Bobbie Tipton and Theo Haynes will work on the student pages. Jackie Mardikian and Donna Wertheimer will be asked if they would like to serve on either working committee.

3. Preliminary Discussion for Planning Information Literacy Assessment in English 201

Discussion focused on incorporating assessment into current assignments in use for English 201 and 301 courses. It was suggested that we do a literature analysis of annotated bibliographies and an analysis of the final works cited for a course. Items that could be assessed include points earned for correct MLA format (or whatever format used), quality of sources and annotations for the first assignment. Bobbie has created rubrics of both assignment types for another course. Jeris has created rubrics for annotated bibliographies, works cited, and analytical literature reviews for the McNair library research course. They will share their rubrics with ISC. Jeris noted that she teaches Ref Works with her summer course, but students do not heed warnings that the system will not correct automatically data input that is incomplete or in all uppercase for particular style format used. They do not understand the concept of "garbage in = garbage out". Expedience is the more favored concept.

4. Next Meeting and Agenda Items

ISC meeting schedule for 2008-09: August 22 (tentative AM or PM), September 5, October 3, November 7, December 5, 2008; February 6, March 6, April 3, May 1, June 5, 2009.

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