Minutes of December 5, 2008 Meeting

Andrew Gerber, Eileen Stec (recorder), Jeris Cassel (chair), Theo Haynes, Roberta Tipton and Donna Wertheimer—the last three attending via videoconference.

The group reviewed responses provided from the final activity of the “Reflecting on Library Instruction” program on Tuesday, December 2 with a presentation by Sara Harrington and workshop activities developed by ISC. The responses were informative and useful for future activities on instruction and professional development for teacher-librarians. The program was successful in facilitating an open dialogue on instruction within RUL.

We recommend that RUL send more librarians, both tenured and tenure-track to the appropriate ACRL Immersion program tracks (some for beginner, some for advanced and some for program management) and/or the NJ State Library Train-the-Trainer programs. The ACRL deadline is December 8, (however we suspect available spots after that date) and the NJ Train-the-Trainer scheduled for March 18, 19, 20 and March 27, 2009, but March is one of the heaviest teaching months for librarians. The program consists of three consecutive days of instruction, building to a fourth day where participants demonstrate the skills learned by presenting a snapshot of their training session to other participants. The registration fee of $400 includes all workshop materials, food and overnight lodging at the Sheraton Eatontown, NJ. Theo also highly recommends Bob Pike as a trainer/consultant (The Bob Pike Group.com).

In our continuing discussions of morphing ISC into a more agile and teacher-librarian focused we agreed to the following action steps:

Theo will research Berkeley to U. Michigan;

Donna will cover UNC, Chapel Hill (excluding Rutgers) to U. of Kansas;

Bobbie will take Michigan State U to University of Colorado, Boulder;

Eileen will research UC Davis through UC Irvine;

Jeris will cover U Maryland, College Park to Penn State;

Andrew will take U Pittsburgh to U. Washington.

These assignments, to be completed before December 18.

Announcements of ongoing activities of ISC members:

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