Minutes of January 7, 1999 Meeting

Cassel, Hoffman, Mulcahy, Scholz-Crane, Still, Tate
Tipton, Weintraub

We attempted to define our role and purpose by reviewing our original charge, as well as the minutes of the meeting of 11/9/98, and SACOPS long range plan ranking and strategies documents. We will focus on what we can accomplish in the next 6 months, identifying our priorities, what we will need in support, and how our goals can be accomplished.

For example, we will ask that R.Sewell and NERC when purchasing new services, get material from vendors, including training material, manuals etc, in advance of the introduction of the new service so that we can adapt to RU conditions and have instructional materials ready for users. Consider suggesting a database testing group that would work with vendors documents and adapt them to RU environment. With new services we need accurate, timely information, test time, and documentation.

Consider asking someone in Central Public Services administration to mount on T-drive and maintain a set of up-to-date screens that could be available to instructors teaching IRIS, databases etc. (Noted that Mei-Ling Lo has excellent IRIS teaching screens on LSM homepage.)

Creating and maintaining updated instructional material will be too much for this group to do alone. Also, we agreed that with so many different interfaces: IRIS, OVID, Uncover, ProQuest etc. a single downloading/email brochure is not feasible. It is also unrealistic to expect that all faculty, staff, students and walk-ins can get extensive instruction at point of service.

We can offer classes and target appropriate courses in which to reach large percentage of students.

We agreed that we should focus on the overall instruction program and to address instruction-related tasks and issues. Towards these efforts, we began identifying parts of a program and tasks or issues as follows:


  1. Orientations and tours
  2. Distance and Continuous Education needs
  3. Assessment and Analysis
  4. Workshop series
  5. Course related instruction (?) (not specifically noted in our documents)
  6. Credit courses
  7. Work with long-range plans and goals
  8. Continuing ed. for teaching librarians

We also identified specific tasks for the group. Members of the group with each take one or more tasks, and elaborate on what we might try to accomplish regarding the task and how it could be achieved.


  1. Introducing new services
  2. Create and maintain instructional information and documentation and tutorials.
  3. Training - work with training coordinator
  4. Resources for instructional technology development
  5. Work with TEC and LRCs
  6. Investigate funding sources, eg ITFSC
  7. Investigate methodologies for different groups
  8. Idenitfy resources, e.g. equipment, classrooms
  9. Design and implement electronic instructional programs.

We agreed that R. Tipton should represent us at Information Literacy Institute. A. Scholz-Crane will look into identifying other library instruction programs and meetings that should be attended by RU representatives.

We will try to sponsor a session, probably co-sponsored by , on sharing techniques, successes and failures in BI, hints about what works well etc. - among librarians in the Spring semester.

Reviewed statistics on workshop series. Attendance fairly low - most sessions had 3 or 4 attendees. Evaluations indicated that hands-on experience was highly valued. Discussed whether program should continue. Decided to have fewer sessions but continue program. Jeris should be notified of sessions for Spring Semester by Jan. 15

If a workshop on a new topic is being offered - please include a description of the course that can be used in the announcement brochure. We will invite our colleagues in Newark to offer workshops on Microsoft Access and Powerpoint in New Brunswick.

At lunch, we agreed that one of our responsibilities should be to review drafts of brochures, e.g. the authentication brochure, and others. For subject-specific databases, the subject bibliographers should do that actual writing - and include downloading and e-mail instructions appropriate for the database. (See above where a single, all-inclusive brochure was judged to be impractical).

Since adjuncts do a lot of the teaching, we considered how to reach them in time to offer library instruction for their classes. J. Still will look into how we could get a list of adjuncts and new faculty, as well as faculty teaching off-campus, in a timely manner.

We will also encourage people to notify us if they mount any instructional resources on the web. J. Still offered to keep a clearinghouse of instructional material and tutorials in any format - which can be shared among librarians.

We revisited our list of tasks and which member of committee will draft definitions of problem and possible action steps:

  1. Intro. of new services. J Cassel will draft memo with our suggestions.
  2. Not assigned.
  3. Training -work with training coordinator. A Scholz-Crane will investigate including finding out whether newly named training coordinator deals with IRIS issues only or will be involved with other training.
  4. Resources for Inst.Tech. Develop. - A. Scholz-Crane
  5. Work with TEC and LRS's - J. Still
  6. Investigate funding... - J. Still
  7. Investigate methodologies... A. Scholz-Crane
  8. Identify resources - H. Hoffman
  9. Design and implement... K. Mulcahy

We will see what parts of our tasks are part of an overall program we have identified and analyze what will be done for each. Each member of the group will provide an outline of instruction activities or program components provided on their respective campuses. J.Still will distribute an analysis done by the Robeson library as a possible model for other analyses.

Members of the committee should review the IRIS and Information Literacy brochures and send comments to J. Cassel by Tuesday Jan. 12.

The following are our proposed meeting dates and individuals responsible for taking minutes:

Friday 2/5 - R.Tipton
Thursday 3/4 - J. Still
Thursday 4/1 - A. Scholz-Crane
Thursday 5/6 - K. Mulcahy
Thursday 6/2 - T. Tate

Submitted by: H. Hoffman 1/9/99

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