Minutes of Thursday April 1, 1999 Meeting

Cassel (chair), Mulcahy, Scholz-Crane, Still, Tate, Tipton.
    1. Still handed out recommendations for working with the Teaching Excellence Centers and Learning Resource Centers. Discussion followed on the best ways to approach these and others groups. ISC tried to reach a consensus on the nature of our goals for increasing these relationships. ISC agreed to start more informal relationships with these groups and make recommendations based upon these experiences.
    2. Still started a discussion on methods to investigate funding sources and recommended contacting the library's grants officer for assistance. ISC agreed that this was a good starting point. ISC also recommended encouraging collaborative funding efforts.
    3. Scholz-Crane handed out a draft of ideas for how ISC could investigate methodologies within the context of audience and purpose. ISC made recommendations for corrections and additions. Scholz-Crane will hand out a new draft at the next meeting.
  1. ISC set April 13th as the date for an informal discussion of instructional efforts at Rutgers University Libraries. This discussion will follow the libraries' morning symposium on the E-Library. The session will run for approximately 2 hours. ISC agreed to hand out a draft of the investigate methodologies draft to serve as a discussion starter.
  2. ISC discussed librarian participation in instructional conferences and workshops. ISC decided that a list would be generated to decide upon the opportunities that exist and set priorities. Scholz-Crane will contact the chair of the ACRL/Instruction Section's Continuing Education Committee to see if they have completed such a list. ISC decided that support to attend such activities would be given first to non-tenured librarians or those who felt they needed to refresh their instructional skills. All supported persons would be expected to report back to a larger group after their attendance.
  3. ISC held a discussion of fee-based instruction to outside groups. ISC agreed that on an informal basis individuals are welcome to attend library workshops where space allows. Outside groups will be dealt with on an for fee basis unless the effort is for the purposes of community outreach. ISC also discussed the role of the libraries in the employment of distance education efforts within the context of continuing education. These efforts could take the form of programs where the library creates and broadcasts programs, an outsider is handles content and library provides facilities, or collaborative efforts from within Rutgers and outside groups. ISC followed this discussion with a general discussion of distance education efforts by Rutgers University Libraries.
  4. Cassel asked ISC to review the Instructional Services Survey (http://crab.rutgers.edu/~scholzcr/test/isg.html).
  5. Cassell asked ISC to review the instruction pages on the libraries Web server.

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