Minutes of March 15, 2000 meeting

Discussion Summary

  1. Reviewed the draft of PSPM #5 and made the following corrections/suggestions:
    • under "Ineligible Material" add "on order" items: "On order and in process that have been received at..."
    • under "Limits" delete the phrase "the requests must be prioritized when submitted."
    • under "Loan Periods" delete the sentence beginning "In that event..."
    • under "Renewals" replace text with: "Renewals must be requested before the borrowed item is due. Overdue books can not be renewed. Renewals are granted at the discretion of the lending library. One two-week renewal is generally granted."
    • under "Loss" in the second sentence, "change" should be "charges," and in the last sentence delete "e}"
    • under "Transmission of Requests" add RSS: "...transmitted via the OCLC, RLG, or RSS interlibrary loan network..." [Mary suggested ILL get a group email account for transmission of email requests.]
    • under "Delivery" add METRO: "..., first class mail, the Comet delivery service (with New Jersey), the METRO delivery services (within the metropolitan area), or transmitted..."
    • under "Loss/Replacement" add "Loan": "Interlibrary Loan Services will..."
    • under "Fees" replace the last sentence with: "Consult the Interlibrary Loan Services "Interlibrary Loan Services: Lending, Borrowing Procedures and Fee Schedule for Libraries" brochure or Web page for current fees."
    • combining ILL and RSS in one policy memo is OK, but requested the title be changed to "Resource Sharing: Interlibrary Loan and Rutgers Request Services."
    • suggested a statement be added to the RSS section describing how ILL's RSS requests for longer loans, longer articles, reference and non-circulating books must be evaluated and treated differently because of SHARES agreement.
    • suggested guidelines for renewals also be updated in our brochure, Web page, book bands.

    PSPM #7, "Cooperative Access Arrangements," will be reviewed at our next meeting; copies were distributed.

    Discussed "Rush" service, do we have one and how do we explain it to users. As lender, we offer a rush service with specific turnaround time, for a fee. As borrower, there are too many variables and factors outside our control to guarantee a specific turnaround time (who has the item requested? do they offer a rush service? is the item on shelf? etc, etc.). When users ask about rush service, we can tell them the following: ILL borrowing staff identify rush orders by notes in the Additional info field and Needed By dates; rush requests are pulled out of the normal workload and placed immediately with a provider most likely to respond with rush service; a commercial document delivery service will be used if viable; outstanding rush requests are individually monitored until filled. We can not, however, ever guarantee or promise items will arrive within a certain number of days.

  2. Current Imprint Trial.

    Since we started the trial about a month ago, NB has requested 4 titles, Camden 4, and Newark 6. None have been received yet. Goal of the trial project is to improve delivery time of current imprint titles requested on ILL, not collection building. Titles are, however, evaluated before ordering and impact on collections will be studied. Libby questioned at what point in the process we notify Jane of the ILL Request # . We agreed it's mis-placed in the instructions and should be moved to follow "C" (after the ILL request has been updated and the RSS request placed). Discussed notification lag time with Acquisitions, experience has ranged from same day to 4-5 days notification that the order has been placed.

  3. The proposed "UnCover User-Initiated Document Delivery" service were discussed; it is expected the service will be implemented later this spring. Robeson will probably accept articles on their library fax machine.

  4. Document Delivery Sources for ILL.

    Jane distributed a table listing the various document delivery sources and for each describing what is available, how to know what is available, password/account #s, how to place an order, billing method and of copyright clearance is provided. In all cases, the three Rutgers ILL offices share passwords and account numbers. Orders are placed online in OCLC, RLIN, UnCover, or ALA form (National Library of Medicine). We have a deposit account with British Library maintained by the Budget Office, all others are invoiced, or staff send invoices to, ILS-Alex and Jane coordinates payment with the Budget Office. The table will be revised to include the CISTI password and Dissertation Express.

    We have set up a new Dissertation Express account but still need confirmation about a deposit account before beginning to use it. Also, guidelines for use are needed. After discussion we agreed to order a copy of a dissertation from Dissertation Express and add it to our collections if: (1) the home institution never lends their dissertations, or (2) the dissertation is checked out at the home institution. We also agreed we will *not* use "print only" as a criteria; we will always borrow first, even if microfilm is the only format available. We will continue to carefully evaluate dissertation requests from undergraduates and "lump" requesters. When dissertations arrive they will be circulated to users (4 weeks), and then sent for cataloging when returned. Stella and others remarked about how difficult it was to get dissertations from other institutions (acquired from UMI) cataloged in the past.

    Jane also distributed "How (and why) to Create a blank work form on RLIN or OCLC."

  5. Use of RLIN vs. OCLC.

    Midyear RLIN SHARES statistics indicate Rutgers is again borrowing far more than other SHARES members and we discussed ways to shift borrowing to NJ Library Network members. Since all ILL offices are borrowing on OCLC now, we agreed to try to request from NJ libraries more often. NJ academic libraries with Ariel will be used as much as possible [Natalie has since linked the list of NJ Ariel libraries on her ILL Web page]. NB ILL has started to send ugrad ILL requests to OCLC libraries.

  6. Keeping/archiving old ILL borrowing forms.

    Reviewed CONTU guideline #4, for the proviso of subsection 108(g)(2) of the copyright law, relating to maintaining recordsó "the requesting entity shall maintain records of all requests made by it for copies or phonorecords of any materials to which these guidelines apply and shall maintain records of the fulfillment of such requests, which records shall be retained until the end of the third complete calendar year after the end of the calendar year in which the respective request shall have been made."

    Each ILL offices must, therefore, keep 3 years of photocopy borrowing request forms. Since we use CCC now for tracking copyright compliance, most of forms archived at the Annex will be recycled.

  7. Statistics.

    Judy is just now compiling midyear ILL stats required by ARL. These statistics are for filled requested only, borrowing and lending, by Rutgers library. We also count filled requests sent to off-campus sites. Please continue to fax statistics by the first week of the month, and retain copies for a year. ILS-Alex staff are also compiling Article and Book, Filled and Unfilled, request statistics from Unicorn for all sites, for our own internal use.

  8. NJ ILL, RSS, InfoLink., OCLC, WorldCat.

    We have requested the State Library place RSS software at LSM and on additional machines at ILS-Alex; we would like to begin to use it for borrowing. Not having our holdings display is still a drawback to the software's use at Newark and Camden and a nuisance in NB. The latest Unicorn upgrade appears to only enable display of holdings between Z39.50 Sirsi catalogs. Two RSS users groups meetings are coming up.

    Jane is a member of the InfoLink ILL Committee and will attend an open meeting sponsored by the committee when Scherelene Schatz will speak and answer questions about RSS.

    Palinet's annual OCLC user's group meeting is in Harrisburg PA this year. On Wednesday, April 12 there will be a resource sharing update session and sharing sessions. Details on Palinet's Web page.Anyone interested in attending, contact Judy or Jane for travel info.

    ILL has acquired a subscription to WorldCat, for use RSS and ILL-Manager. Account number and password were distributed, for members of the committee to try.

  9. ILL-Manager, SHARES.

    Dennis Massie just send a memo to beta testers, with timetable for ILL-Manager. We will received a third beta version, Beta 3, in a few weeks to test. In late April, another version with interoperability with RLIN and possibly OCLC will be available to test. We expect to continue as a beta tester through May. RLG still plans to release ILL Manager on the market March 31; it will be available for licensing, as a peer-to-peer resource sharing system only (like RSS).

    Jane described her experience on the SHARES Practitioner's Council, an email/telephone virtual group. They will be studying the results of the SHARES survey next. There is a SHARES regional meeting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on April 14.

  10. UPS on the Web. Mary will work with Stella and UPS to try this at LSM.
  11. Other items.

    Briefly reviewed the NJULS. Current plans are for a 1997 file to be available with the Site Search interface through the VALE Web page. It will eventually will be updated daily from OCLC cataloging data. Rutgers will study methods and costs of updating our serial holdings on OCLC.

    Reviewed our fax policy. We do not routinely follow a fax copy by sending the hard copy, only if contacted that a bad quality copy was received.

    Requests for Law libraries and Criminal Justice materials are processed by ILS-Alex borrowing now, working smoothly.

    RSS and ILL-Manager demos were held after lunch in the ILS-Alex Office.

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