Minutes of September 26, 2000 meeting

J. Mihalick, M. Belasco, L. Miller, B. Grau, D. Grauer, R. Miller, N. Borisovets, J. Gardner, B. Johnson, A. Herrera
  1. Announcements.
    • Brian Johnson, new Borrowing Coordinator in NB, was introduced.
    • The Statewide Services grant application for 2001 has been received. Less than last year, it will cover staff salaries but not any new equipment.
    • The UnCover gateway with subsidized user-initiated document delivery for faculty and graduate students has been operating since the end of August. We will get monthly reports of titles ordered and costs.
    • Jane Mihalick has been appointed to InfoLink's Information Services Committee.
  2. Statistics.
    Each ILS office is responsible for the following:
    1. Filled Borrowing and Lending. The total number of borrowing and lending "fills" each month (copies and loans) is reported by Robeson, Dana, and NB. Totals include all requesting methods (OCLC, RLIN, fax, phone, ALA form, Ariel, etc.), and are for "fills" only. Excel statistics forms for Robeson, Dana, and NB are available on Alex's "t" common drive and should be used to post statistics monthly, by the end of the first week of the following month.
    2. Bills. For us to bill borrowers, copies of all filled lending forms (whatever the requesting method-- OCLC, RLIN, etc.) and for us to pay bills, copies of any of our borrowing requests forms with invoices, should be sent to J. Mihalick by the end of the first week of the following month.
    3. Sampling Statistics. Statewide Services sampling statistics forms and sampling dates are distributed each year. Send statistics to L.Miller.
    4. Copyright Clearance Center. Once a week Robeson, Dana, and NB should check their CCC Online activity, print and send a copy of lists to J. Mihalick.

    We reviewed 1999-00 FY borrowing and lending statistics, top lenders/borrowers on OCLC and RLIN, Unicorn statistics, and requesting method statistics compiled by NB ILS offices.

  3. Priority Orders/Current Imprints review.
    Reviewed summary of titles, subject areas, costs, requestor status, fill rate and turnaround time of 66 titles ordered Feb.-Aug. 2000 as part of the ILL priority order/s current imprint trial. Results were shared with the Collection Development Council. The trial received support and ILS can continue to order current imprints through this FY year and compile another summary. Revised procedures were distributed and reviewed; they will also be posted on the Staff Resources web page.
  4. ILL Manager.
    ILS-Alex is borrowing more on ILL Manager since interoperability with classic RLIN ILL was successfully tested. We have been asked by RLG to test lending interoperability with classic RLIN. We have volunteered to test interoperability with OCLC but have not yet been contacted with details. Mark Cardullo has successfully networked the software to Judy's PC in Alex, and will try networking outside the building next. Karen Oster had a conference call with Linda Driver at RLG and we have a better understanding of the customization required to send Unicorn new ILL requests (reports results) to ILL Manager. Interoperability with epixtech's RSS still needs to be tested. Mary and Jane were asked by RLG to review the Users' Manual. ILL Manager still needs a lot of development work. We will, however, continue to test and implement it as RLG has indicated they are committed to this distributed software and that classic RLIN ILL will be phased out.
  5. RSS.
    The latest software upgrade has resulted in slower response time, especially in the afternoon. Also noted was a loss of batch processing, as each individual incoming request must be acknowledged before a pick sheet is printed. Still not too many academics are using RSS, although it was announced that Princeton would start. ILS-Alex loaned over 700 items on RSS last year. Our holdings still do not display. A VALE ILL Committee has been formed and one of its charges is to investigate ways to interface with RSS with VALE library catalogs and database.
  6. International Lending.
    The net lending reimbursement for international SHARES (CURL) transactions has been increased from $7 to $21. We discussed parameters of international lending other than to SHARES members-- using U.S. mail and other national mail services thereby foregoing tracking of returnables, accepting email requests and how domestic requests could be excluded from a publicized ILL email account, ILFA forms and vouchers, invoicing, payment in U.S. currency, prepayment, paypal, packaging, extended 6 week loan periods. Policies would need to be defined and included in our ILS Lending brochure. Requests for Rutgers dissertations that come from abroad via AAL can be referred to Dissertation Express for faster and less expensive service than we can provide.
  7. UPS on the Web.
    Robeson and Dana are encouraged to set this up, call UPS staff and they will talk you through it. Stella has implemented it at LSM, it totally eliminates handwritten logs. It will need to be installed on a PC near your building's UPS pickup location, but does not require a dedicated PC. Reminder that Fed Ex must be billed to the recipient's account, not a Rutgers account.
  8. Document Suppliers chart, Dissertation Express.
    Latest version of the document suppliers' chart was distributed. A list of dissertation titles requested by ILS-Alex was circulated and samples shared. The list was also shared with Collection Development Council. Selectors agreed they would like to evaluate dissertations for possible addition to our collections when returned by patrons. Based on the subject of a dissertation, ILS staff will select a librarian from the list of subject selectors posted on the web (generally those associated with their campus) and, using the form letter distributed, forward dissertations returned by patrons to selectors for review.

    Question about old Dana Dissertation Express deposit account; we will investigate possibility of transferring funds to a new systemwide deposit account under our current Rutgers login.

  9. Criminal Justice and law libraries.
    All requests for items represented in the Criminal Justice Library and the law library collections/catalogs now enter our workflow as ILL requests. If ILL staff request these items from Criminal Justice or a Rutgers law library, they should be counted as a Criminal Justice or law library RRS "fill" not an ILL "fill." Criminal Justice and law patrons can continue to request items in IRIS directly using the "request this item" function and local Rutgers library RRS staffs fill these requests and count them as Rutgers RRS "fills."

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/interlib_loan_com/minutes/ill_comm_min_00_09_26.shtml
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