Minutes of January 15, 1999 meeting

M. Belasco, S. Evanowski, L. Miller, J. Mihalick, B. Grau, J.Gardner, R.Miller, N. Borisovets, T. Pugh, D. Grauer, L. Hart, N. Spruill, L. Mullen. K. Ananthan (at first)
  1. Introductions
    Nicky Spruill and Laura Mullen were welcomed to the group.
  2. Ill Request form, introductory page in IRIS
    We discussed PAC's suggestions for the ILL web page and form in IRIS. We would like to replace the Stop sign with an Alert sign, add wording "This request will not be filled if the item is owned by Rutgers. Check IRIS and use the "Request This Item" button if found," keep the "Please read the Interlibrary Loan Policies and Procedures," on the introductory page; and delete "Please verify" wording from the form. Natalie and Kalaivani will take back to PAC.
  3. 4 week automatic loan for ILLs
    The Circulation Subcommittee had recommended that Unicorn ILL item types be given an automatic 4 week loan at time of check-out. Circ Desk staff, especially student assistants, do not consistently enter the alternate due date when checking out ILLs. Kalaivani implemented this in the test system, it was tested and worked OK. The group discussed and agreed there are exceptional conditions and loans that fall outside a standard 4 week loan that we would still need to communicate to Circ Desks. Also, when users come to pick up ILL materials the due date is often already less than 4 weeks. We need circulation staff to continue to honor ILL's alternate due dates and special conditions, and re-train student assistants if needed. There are no routine ILL circulation transactions, all are special. The ILL Subcommittee is committed to honoring due dates set by lending institution.
  4. ILL Contact Lists
    Lists of ILL Subcommittee members, staff contacts, and Ariel contacts were distributed for review. Mary Anne Nesbit is the ILL lending contact at Robeson.
  5. SHARES Meetings
    Mary, Jane, Libby and Judy attended a regional SHARES practitioners meeting at Yale last November. There's a practitioner's meeting at ALA midwinter at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Sunday morning January 31, and demos of RLG's "ILL Manager for Intersystem ILL & Document Supply" staff may be interested in attending.
  6. Implementation of FAV Lenders in RLIN
    Jane and Libby described how they set up FAV lender groups in RLIN, and strategies for grouping libraries. Agreed it is a valuable enhancement, permits viewing multiple serial holdings at once. Instructions are available on the SHARES webpage.
  7. Statistics

    We reviewed a draft statistics form, recommended by the RUL Assessment Committee, for reporting ILL statistics. The form includes space to record the number of ILLs sent to off-campus sites, and a slot for NB to record the number of reproductions sent to NB campus addresses. Robeson and Dana will continue to record repros sent through campus mail in their campus totals The Assessment Comm. also recommended Robeson and Dana report their monthly ILL stats to Judy, not Nancy Hendrickson. Beginning in January 99, staff will send all ILL stats to Judy and we will start using the new form. Judy will then compile a system wide total of all three campuses and submit it to the Budget Office. We will also try to go back and enter July-Dec. 98 stats in the new form. Draft definitions of new terms/categories were reviewed.

    Jane described NJ state contract libraries' guidelines for sampling ILL statistics and forms. Forms were delayed this year and will be distributed as soon as they arrive from the State Library Lillian Miller compiles these statistics, we will ask Mary Anne Nesbit from Robeson to participate in the monthly sampling day as well.

  8. ILL Request Turnaround Sampling
    Reviewed preliminary results of Unicorn reports which sample the time elapsed from when an ILL request is placed to when it is filled. We will continue to run sampling reports 6 days/month and monitor results.
  9. Email ILL Requests (especially from foreign countries) and how to handle

    We occasionally get ILL requests from libraries via Ask a Librarian. Our policy has been to accept fax, RLIN, OCLC, and ALA form requests only. However, if the email request is clearly coming from ILL staff member with a return ILL office address, and the request is for an article or report we can fill, we agreed to respond via Ask a Librarian, state our fee and ask library staff to contact Jane off list (at Jane's personal email) authorizing the loan and agreeing to the fee.

    We regularly fill requests from outside the U.S. for articles. But we do not ship books other than to CURL (international SHARES) members. Should we consider loaning books to nonSHARES libraries outside the U.S.? Shipping costs, amount of time out-of-circulation, and past experiences not having items returned are considerations. The SHARES International ILL Task Force is developing guidelines, seeking agreement with a shipper (Air Bourne, UPS) for better rates.

  10. RUSH Requests
    It's important that libraries filling RUSH requests let the ILS office know if they are unable to fill them right away. Since ILL requests are most often filled by RRS staff at local libraries, RRS staff need the reminder, perhaps a posting to the circ_sub list.
  11. Document Suppliers

    The CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) and document suppliers should be used by ILS operations on all campuses. Jane reviewed when to use CCC. She described how to use CCC online, CISTI, ISI (formerly The Genuine Article) , ProQuest Direct, and UnCover. Contact Jane if you have any questions about accessing these services.

  12. Announcements and Information Sharing
    • Stella has a new scanner for Ariel.
    • Barbara is working on billing now, will begin to compile Unicorn statistics.
    • Nicky's first Sunday is coming up; she will work a Sun.-Thurs. schedule when classes are in session.
    • ILS/Alex has an opening for Library Assistant 3.
    • Ask a Librarian is how we communicate with users now about their requests for ILL renewals and status checks. It is heavily used and we're striving for a personal touch.
    • Citation/Location Center has provided invaluable assistance helping ILS staff develop verification skills, and verifying incomplete citations received on the online forms.
    • ILLs appear to be down at Robeson since the introduction of online requesting.
    • Mary has been making site visits to all Ariel installations, she will also visit Dana and train staff to start sending documents on Ariel.
    • Some ILL Macros (Replies) need revision.

Next meeting:
Wednesday, March 17, 1999 9:30 a.m.
Administrative Conference Room
Alexander Library, CAC

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