Minutes of March 17, 1999 meeting

L.Mullen, L.Miller, T.Spruill, A.Herrera, B.Grau, S. Evanowski, T.Powell-Pugh, D. Grauer, J.Gardner, M.Belasco, J. Mihalick
  1. Introductions. Ana Herrera, new staff at the Alex ILS Office, was introduced.
  2. Statistics.
    We reviewed 1997-98 and 1998-99 to date statistics: (a) monthly ILL borrowing and lending statistics for NB, Camden and Newark campuses, and (b) RLIN borrowing and lending by library identifier (NJRG, NJRL, NRJX, NJRY, and NJRZ). The new statistics worksheet for reporting monthly stats is working well; thanks to Dana and Robeson for submitting monthly stats to Judy who is compiling system wide totals for the Budget Office now. CCC Online statistics were shared via email. Discussed two titles owned by RUL which A.Tallau identified. ILL staff search titles in IRIS by both "Periodical Title" and "Title."
  3. Workflows
    Mary and Terry are on the Workflows Training Team. Two training sessions are planned, and ILL staff will attend. Although the Unicorn interface changes, we don't anticipate drastic changes in ILL procedures. A new Trap Holds wizard may change the way NB processes holds and charges items to pickup-libraries. Workflows will probably be implemented in production the end of April.
  4. Ask A Librarian
    Ask A Librarian is interesting and busy with all kinds of questions, the majority of ILL-related for renewals. Jane has set a friendly, helpful, conciliatory but firm tone. Nicky is now on the distribution list and will back-up Jane when she's out. We're pleased with AAL communication with users. It's an opportunity to educate users about the ILL process, provides time to investigate answers, and levels the playing field because the response time is predictable and the same for all. When patterns of errors or unusual problems are encountered, personal is used to contact users.
  5. Keyboard Express, Reply Macros
    Please remember to send the user a reply when updating the status of ILL requests to Filled, Unfilled, or Canceled. Use the macros, or customize them. Jane and Nicky have created a few new macros. We will review and update the text of replies at our next meeting.
  6. Rutgers requests for law library materials
    We agreed it's important to get these requests online, and to use the ILL form. Requests would not, however, be placed on RLIN ILL or OCLC ILL. We would probably fax a copy of the form to Newark or Camden Law libraries, and staff there would send items directly to ILS Alex, ILS Robeson, or ILS Dana for processing. If a law library could not fill, ILS staff could then try another source (outside "Rutgers"). RUL borrowing from the law libraries would be counted as ILLs and RUL lending to the law libraries would be counted as RRS (since law patrons use RRS). We will draft procedures for review, discuss with our law colleagues, and plan for implementation July 1, 1999.
  7. Pickup/Delivery Off-campus sites
    ILL requests for two new off-campus sites (Atlantic Cape Community College- Mays Landing and -Atlantic City) will route to Robeson. "*RESIDENT PERSONNEL ONLY" will be added to CEOs and Research Stations, Music and Ecocomplex will be eliminated. Judy will distribute a revised list of sites and address directory, and alert staff when Systems is ready to make changes. How to flag RRS materials sent to ILS for shipment? A post-it or note "RRS for off-campus shipment" was suggested.
  8. LSM Advanced Reference Searching
    ILS Alex is now faxing problem ILL science requests and citations to LSM Reference for research and verification. This is especially helpful for documents, proceedings. LSM Reference staff fax replies back, are happy to be back in the ILL loop, and provide invaluable assistance.
  9. Ariel 2.2 Upgrade
    Mary reported the 2.2 upgrade is "sort of"out. There have been some installation problems reported on the Ariel list serve so we are waiting a while for RLG to provide fixes. All RUL Ariel workstations will be upgraded. The upgrade addresses Y2K, legal size paper, facilitates use of flatbed scanners.
  10. ALA Midwinter Report
    Judy describe SHARES and ILL Discussion Group meetings, and the new ILL Manager software that RLG is developing. It is a distributed software system. ILL operations will communicate directly with each other via email (not through RLIN ILL or OCLC ILL), and the system provides lots of management data. RLG plans to start marketing it this summer. Judy will distribute copies of the specs, description.
  11. Misc
    • Suggested we put "NOT Held" in bold (currently only "NOT" is bold) on the new ILL form introductory web page.
    • Based on circulation staff's commitment to entering true ILL due dates, we agree to institute automatic 4-week loan on ILL item types in Unicorn.
    • How long do we keep ILL articles which are not picked up? General agreement is 3 months maximum. In NB, they can be sent back to Alex ILS where we will try to either email user or send articles through campus mail. There is no penalty to users who fail to pick up materials.
    • Dana has been seeing some very confusing mailing labels. Since their materials are not part of the RRS run in NB, we can eliminate RRS from their ILS labels and simply use DANA-ILS.

Wednesday, May 18, Robeson Library, Camden
Meeting in morning, and a mini-workshop or training was suggested for the afternoon (topic suggestions welcomed). Car pooling will be arranged.

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