Internal Communications Review Task Force: Charge

The Rutgers University Libraries extend across all three regional campuses of the university and include more than 300 librarians, library staff members, and student workers. We work on a variety of tasks, but our work is extraordinarily intertwined and our goals are shared. To be successful, we need to communicate broadly and understandably across our system and find and use policy, procedural, and other documents issued from many sources.

The Internal Communications Review Task Force is charged to examine how we communicate within the Libraries and make documents available and that will make recommendations to update and extend the ways that we accomplish these tasks. We currently use listserv/mailman email lists and post documents to public and staff web pages. In addition to the rul_everyone list, many committees and other groups have email lists. Internal documents are made available on the staff web pages, which are arranged by broad functional area; while documents intended for the public are made available on our "About the Libraries" web page.

While these methods have served us well to this point, such new technologies as Blogs, wikis, online forums, and Sakai offer much to consider. Advanced email packages, such as that used by CNI, may be useful, or we may need an intranet for internal use. Library personnel mentioned the need to investigate these methods during planning discussions over the past two years, and it is suggested that the Task Force examine the Library personnel portion of our communications audit. In addition, the administrative restructuring that is underway may require a realignment of our communication methods and internal resources, and Task Force recommendations about ongoing oversight of our internal communications process would be welcome.

Among the questions that the Task Force will need to address are:

The task force report should be completed by December 2006 for implementation in the spring semester 2007.

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