Minutes of September 27, 2006 Meeting

J. Brennan, Y. Denda, M. Forster, J.Gardner (chair), S. McDonald, R. Marker, J. Shepard, R. Smith, J. Still (videoconferenced),M. Wilt, A. Watkins (videoconferenced), C. Wu (Recorder)
J. Zapcic


  1. Subgroup reports and discussion:
    • Staff Directory
    • Virtual Spaces
    • Staff Resources Web pages
    • Organizational Structure
    • Delivery of Information
    • Best Practices
  2. RUL list servs
  3. Other items

1. Subgroup reports and discussion

After we reviewed and discussed each sub-group's reports, the following decisions were made:

Virtual Spaces subgroup (Roger, Julia, and Marilyn) will include additional members: S. McDonald, A. Watkins, J. Still. The group will setup a subgroup on Sakai and will use the entire TF as a test bed for threaded discussion on Sakai. The group agreed to define listservs and their use, email, and audio- and video- conferencing. They will also define best practices and protocols for videoconferencing and for listservs. Rhonda suggested the group deal with exceptions and not craft a whole new process

Staff Directory sub-group (John B., John S., Yasu) will work on a final draft based on its proposed flow chart and recommendations. The final draft will make recommendations for maintenance (who will administer and maintain the directory), how and where the directory will be accessed, and a narrative statement about the value of the directory.

Delivery of Information subgroup (Marc) reported on embedding web pages on the desktop. The TF recommended desktop information be referred back to the units or departments for development, as it relates to operational information.

Organizational Structure subgroup will finalize its draft as the opening chapter of the committee's final report.

Staff Resources Web pages sub-group (Sam, Judy) will finalize its recommendations for revising Staff Resources, and include specific specifications.

2. RUL list servs

Will be covered by the Virtual Spaces sub-group.

3. Other items

No other items were discussed.

The next meeting date will be announced on Sakai.

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