Minutes of December 13, 2006 Meeting

J. Brennan, Y. Denda, M. Forster, J. Gardner [Chair], R. Marker, J. Sheppard, R. Smith, J. Still, J. Zapcic
S. McDonald, M. Wilt, C. Wu, A. Watkins.

The meeting began with a review and approval of our previous minutes from the 11/8 meeting. There was a question regarding the orientation of the staff pages and their capacity to be accessed by staff. J. Zapcic will post minutes to RUL_Everyone.

J. Gardner reported. The invitation to RUL_Everyone to join the Sakai site was met with ten responses. A good number of the staff that joined were Access Services Staff, many of whom are already engaged with Sakai in committee work. They have access, not "maintain" privileges. Grace Agnew took a look at our group's site and offered that Sakai is indeed a very important resource to the University and there is a commitment to its development.

We are encouraged to continue to consider how Sakai can be used as a tool, experiment with chat and other resources. It has the potential to do allot more.

R. Marker commented that we need to make sure that material placed on Sakai is considered in light of the access privileges [private or public] that the site has been granted when set up. Some material posted on RUL Sakai sites needs to be considered solely for internal audience as opposed to items considered for external recipients.

J. Sheppard acknowledges those staff that did join the ICR Sakai site and welcomed their input.

J. Gardner introduced the topic of mailman list serve software training. We touched on the possibility of training for list managers and better organization of existing lists.

J. Gardner discussed that she will be asking for a one month extension to our group's report deadline, so that time can be used after the holidays to fine tune and consolidate our subgroup reports into a single set of recommendations.

The meeting then turned to the review of subgroup reports.

J. Gardner reported that her work continues on combining recommendations for staff web pages into one document for the final report. More to follow…

Next was "Virtual Space and Best Practices". A report was circulated and discussed. Suggestions were made in several key areas. We engaged the topic of list serve management and reiterated that the possibility exists within the mailman client to identify and organize list serve at RU by organization, if appropriate naming conventions are identified and adhered to. We recommend that all RUL lists start with "RUL_". The general question of whether Sakai will replace lists was raised. In general, conversation leaned toward the two options as being complimentary, and that in certain instances, especially where information needs to be "pushed" to the end user, a list serve will be more effective. That said, many smaller committee and task forces may be best served by the functionality of Sakai and the opportunity to foster dialog between group members.

Discussion then centered on video conferencing, and the suggestions for coordination of training and support. It was agreed that establishment of protocols and period review of them by group facilitators would be advantageous. It was suggested that Marilyn Wilt be consulted on aspects of videoconference training, and how current efforts can be expanded.

On the topic of Sakai, we discussed the features related to document creation and R. Marker suggested exploration of a feature or naming convention that would assure a group that they were always looking at a current document. J. Still discussed the role of a moderator on Sakai and the need to control "maintain privileges" vs. "access privileges". We discussed meeting with the Camden Sakai representative from OIRT. Some debate ensued whether to use this as an opportunity to explore the use of live chat on Sakai, but we decided to set up a video conferencing meeting. Details pending…

Live chat was discussed, and determined to be not fully adopted in our organization culture. There are also issues of generational use of IM technology…younger users are more likely to embrace it. It may not be such an effective tool for lengthy discussions. J. Zapcic commented on how virtual space compliments face to face, but most likely cannot replace it.

We discussed how some groups as using Sakai as a list serve, and debated if Sakai might replace it. However list serves were seen as more effective at pushing information to the user, or at least getting it in their email inbox. R. Smith indicated lots of information taken from meeting to help round out document.

R. Marker discussed having a report on cultural aspects of communication by 12/22.

Staff Directory. J. Sheppard discussed the mechanics of managing access to a staff directory. We are moving toward a staff directory designed through open source software so that staff can manage their information directly. This concept may be presented to Public Services Council.

We discussed various software tools for open source directories.

Group to-do list

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