Minutes for January 8, 2003 Meeting

Chris Sterback (chair), Gracemary Smulewitz, Ruth Bogan

Chris reported that he is working with Sam M. to update the ISAWG documents on the Libraries' web site so it will provide a record of activities, useful links, etc.

Chris conveyed the substance of his recent meeting with Grace, confirming that the deadline for completion of ISAWG's responsibilities is now May. Chris will send the revised charge to Sam for the web. Grace clarified that "time interval management" refers to keeping track of the length of time that certain items remain in TS as they move from receipt to stacks. Attendees discussed how this information might be gathered and used.

The charge to inform the directors remains. Grace wants to make sure that directors at New Brunswick, Camden and Newark are in the loop about ISAWG activities. However, rather than mandating meetings, Grace conceded that ISAWG must simply be available to meet with directors. It was suggested that staging at least one testbed at each campus would ensure the participation and interest of library directors.

The group reviewed the brief descriptions of Unicorn batch withdrawl and inventory capabilities and discussed how we might make use of them--specifically the use of multiple users for in the batch withdraw of materials. Gracemary suggested that the 7th run of the Douglass rationalization project might be treated as the testbed for this process.

The use of a Palm Pilot or similar technology for inventory was discussed at length. Ruth mentioned that Grace had recently spoken of ongoing inventory rather than a massive project. Equipment (PDA/scanners) is desperately needed if we intend to use this technology.

The group reviewed the testbeds assigned to ISAWG:

A (1) work with Camden to create FOLIO collection is finished; Chris feels it is scalable to other projects

At this point an intense discussion of the Annex ensued. The group felt Systems' revision of the Pull Onshelf Holds report to display the Annex shelving key was a substantial improvement in service. Gracemary offered to mock up a MARC holdings record for a monograph to see if this looks useful. Ruth volunteered to find out how Annex shelving numbers are constructed.

A(2) Batch withdrawl is being tested in Camden and will be tested with Douglass rationalization.

B(1) Three recon test beds are planned or being implemented.

B(2) We could test automated processes for inventory of monographs at Alex even before conversion is complete.

B(3) Gracemary will think about a process to test inventory for serials; it was felt that wireless technology would be a benefit here.

B(4) and (5) RFID technology offers possibilities for shelf reading; cannot be tested inhouse, but a field trip was suggested.

B(6) Douglass rationalization is a testbed for automation of weeding through Unicorn reports

B(7) automation of the cataloging backlog process is still a bit vague; do we need reports? A system similar to claiming? Chris and Ruth will examine some existing records to see if they lend themselves to reports.

The committee will look at the web sites that Chris provided for vendors of RFID technology and consider a field trip to a library that uses the systems. The committee also agreed to do literature searches to see what has been published that might suggest automated solutions for RUL. We also will check the exhibits at ALA.

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