Minutes for January 20, 2005 Meeting

Ruth Bogan, Judy Gardner, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder)

1. Welcome interim member Judy Gardner - Chris and the group welcomed interim member Judy Gardner substituting for Farideh Tehrani while she is on sabbatical

2. Update on Systems batch withdrawals from IRIS

a. Chris reported on the status of the batch withdrawal of the MISSING, LOST-PAID, LOST-REPLA items.

4,896  items selected
-----  ----------------
439  have a cat date but no OCLC ID (see discussion topic #5 below)
58  still have bills
218  attached to orders in current fiscal years
4,181  items removed

b. The Billing Working Group is finalizing plans to allow Systems to batch remove the 8000+ GEACLOST items. The GEACLOST items are long overdue items with "bill for replacements" migrated from Geac to Unicorn back in 1997. Once the Billing Working Group has signed off on the process, Systems will run the longoverdue report, then perform a batch withdrawal. The longoverdue report will 1) edit the current location of the items to LONGOVRDUE, 2) break the link between the patron and the item (to allow the item to be removed,) 3) write charge and bill information for each title into patron LOSTITEM extended information notes, and 4) create a generic bill with a bill reason of LONGOVD in the patron record. The batch withdrawal procedure will remove items from IRIS with a LONGOVRDUE current location and appropriately update RLIN and OCLC.

3. Other routine withdrawals (Ruth Bogan)

DBM is actively working on the duplicate records identified by the OCLC reclamation project. Many of these duplicates require Workflows records with two unique Rlin ID's to be merged. One of the records needs to be deleted out of Rlin and Ruth requested a new Unicorn shadowed location, called RLNDISCARD, to facilitate a batch removal process. DBM identifies the duplicate record by creating a new volume/copy with the location RLNDISCARD. Systems will then harvest records bearing an RLNDISCARD location and send them to Rlin for removal tentatively on a monthly or quarterly basis.

On a related note, Chris reported that Systems routine batch withdrawal scripts identify bibliographic records with duplicate OCLC id's. Initially Systems scripts remove the bib record with the WITHDRAWN item (if it was last copy) and leave the duplicate record in place with the non-WITHDRAWN copy. Ruth reported that this has been problematic and that some records were removed that 1) were better than the duplicate that was left in IRIS or 2) were not really duplicates (even though OCLC identified them as such.) From now on, Ruth requests that DBM receive a list of the apparent duplicates. DBM will examine the records and take care of updating IRIS, OCLC, and, if needed, Rlin.

4. Handling requests to begin Inventory and Database Management Projects

Chris reported that Andy Martinez contacted him regarding the following issues:

a. performing inventory of smaller branches - Andy would like to inventory the smaller branches using the method and custom scripts developed for Robeson. ISAWG team members had two initial concerns: 1) How will items without bib records be handled and 2) Is there a mechanism in place to identify brittle books for future preservation? To address the first issue, DBM requires that unit staff create brief records for any item on the shelf without a bib record and has a standard for brief record creation that will allow the items to be retrospectively converted. For the second issue, there is a Collection Services working group that is defining the procedures to identify brittle books and ISAWG will seek their recommendations so that those performing performing an inventory know how to proceed.

b. Alex recon items charged to MISSING - Alexander staff would like to separate the Alex recon items recently charged to MISSING out of the standard "Missing workflow". They believe that an alternative workflow is needed because 1) many of these items have been missing for a long time but were only recently charged to MISSING because the item was just added to IRIS and 2) some of the items were transferred to the Annex but the shelf list card was not updated. Alexander is compiling a recommendation to change the workflow and will send this to ISAWG team members for review.

c. Batch transfers - Andy asked whether there was a mechanism in place for the library units to perform small batch edit/transfer jobs. The only mechanism in place uses Keyboard Express. Any batch edits that utilize delivered or custom Unicorn reports need to be run by Systems.

5. "End of Reclamation" - determine strategy for items with date cataloged but no OCLC ID in bib record

Chris reported that there are approximately 500 records queued for batch removal. These records contain a date cataloged but no OCLC ID. Chris has been saving the records into a group labeled "save for end of OCLC reclamation" because he was waiting for Bob to run the scripts that add the OCLC ID to the bib record. Bob responded that the reclamation project is done and he has added the OCLC id to every record that matched. Based on this fact, it is likely the reason these records still do not contain an OCLC id is because OCLC either 1) found an error in the record or 2) could not find an acceptable match to assign one. DBM is now working on the errors from the reclamation project and Chris will work with Bob and DBM to determine the best method to handle the queued batch withdrawal records.

6. Other issues

Ruth reported that DBM is receiving items that are being transferred to the Annex but lack a full bibliographic record. Ruth added that it is an unnecessary step to send the items to DBM. As long as the brief records are created appropriately, DBM will upgrade the records in batch as part of future retrospective conversion. Chris and Gracemary will review the procedures with unit Collection Services staff at a future TSCWG meeting.

7. The next ISAWG meeting will be held on Thursday, March 17, 2005 at 1:30 in the TSB conference room.

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