Minutes for November 22, 2005 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder)

1. Status report on batch withdrawals now that they have resumed

Batch withdrawals are moving ahead. This is a summary of the current activity:

Library   Project/Group    Type/Month    Number of Items    Status    Removed Unicorn
ALL    GEACLOST    longovd.items  131     10/29/05
ALL    RLINDISCARD    MAR05  839     10/31/05
ALL    BATCHWITH    MAR05  793     11/02/05
KILMER    NJDOCS       309     11/14/05
ALEX    RECON    MISSING1  517     11/14/05
ALL    CLEANUP    SHADOW  128     11/14/05
ALL    RLINDISCARD    APR-NOV05  1008     11/17/05
ALL    BATCHWITH   APR-NOV05  1506     11/17/05
ALL    MISSING/LOST   FY2004  3470  *   

*outstanding billing issues

2. Inventory testbeds

a. Art, Chemistry, Kilmer - Andy Martinez has finished the testbeds at these three branches but was not able to attend today's meeting. ISAWG will schedule a special meeting in December devoted to reviewing Andy's testbed results.

b. Newark - Ann Watkins reported that Newark inventoried another 843 items in November and of these, 72 items were not in Unicorn, 2 items were damaged, and 57 items were in the same call number range in Unicorn but were not inventoried. Ann still needs to run the report that batch charges the uninventoried items to MISSING.

3. Annex recon and inventory

There is interest in recommending that the Annex is the next unit that should be "reconned". Given the history that some items were moved to the Annex without reflecting the transfer in our bib records, this might be one location where recon and inventory will need to work together. Also, since the items are stored by the Annex shelf location we won't be able to use one of the features of Unicorn's offline inventory reports that lets you know whether an item is out of call number order. In fact ISAWG is leaning towards recommending that inventory be performed online with a scanner attached to a laptop connected to live Workflows so that any record maintenance issues can be addressed immediately. In preparation for a more informed decision ISAWG team members will review Stacey DeMatteo's recon proposal together with new metrics on the content of the Annex collection.

4. Alexander Card Catalog sampling

Judy Gardner met with Rhonda Marker and others to get some background information and to begin to follow-up on whether the Alexander card catalog can be removed as part of the Reference Area renovation. Essentially, the Alexander card catalog has not been maintained for many years and it would not be a cost effective resource to assist with any kind of recon or inventory project. Based on this it is ISAWG's recommendation that the card catalog can be removed.

5. Next Meeting

The next ISAWG meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 20, 2005 at 10:00 a.m. in the Heyer Room.

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