Minutes for December 20, 2005 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister, Andy Martinez (guest), Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder)

1. Review Inventory Testbed Results at Art, Chemistry, and Kilmer

a. Andy distributed reports from the inventory testbeds at Art and Chemistry. (At the time of this meeting Kilmer's report was still pending completion.) These reports will be posted to ISAWG's web pages under:

Staff Resources ->
   Technical Services ->
      Committees and Task Forces ->
         Inventory and Stacks Automation Working Group ->

b. In addition, Andy updated some of ISAWG's existing inventory documentation and added some of his own that will be used for future testbeds or inventory projects. (Thanks Andy!) Additional documentation authored by Andy includes 1) Transferring Damaged files to Systems - this document describes how to upload the files containing the barcodes of items needing some level of preservation and 2)Inventory Tips - this document lists some reminders for a more effective inventory process. The new and revised documents will also be placed on the Staff Resources pages in the location noted above.

c. Andy provided a complete set of metrics on the length of time needed and resources used to perform the tests. In addition, Andy noted his experience with the Pocketcirc device including some problems that were reported to SIRSI. ISAWG plans to use these reports to create a plan and budget for a full inventory at each branch library.

d. Andy created the files of items that were evaluated to need some level of preservation. These files were transferred to the Unicorn server and are now in Chris's hands to apply these edits in Unicorn. Two files were received for Art and one for Chemistry. One of the Art files contained 17 items determined to be in Bad condition (Bad is defined as "item cannot sit on the shelf in its current condition but is worth repairing and can circulate.) The other Art file contains 2 items determined to be Irreparable. (Irreparable is defined as "item cannot circulate because it is beyond repair or rebinding and must be replaced.") The Chemistry file contains 10 items determined to be in Bad condition. No items in the Chemistry testbed were determined to be Irreparable.

e. ISAWG members made some observations in our discussion:

2. Next Meeting

The next ISAWG meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. in the TSB conference room.

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