Minutes for April 10, 2006 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder)

1. Status report on batch withdrawals.

The batch withdrawal of approximately 3,470 items reported MISSING or charged to LOST-PAID, LOST-REPL between 7/1/2003 to 6/30/2004 is in progress and the routine, quarterly removal of items charged to BATCHWITH, or edited to current location DISCARD and RLINDISCARD was recently completed. Here's a summary of the activity since the last meeting:

LibraryProject/GroupType/MontNumber of ItemsStatusRemoved Unicorn
ALL BATCHWITH DEC05-FEB06 315   3/24/2006
ALL RLINDISCARD DEC05-FEB06 1360   3/24/2006
ALL DISCARD DEC05-FEB06 115   3/24/2006

2. Inventory updates

a. Newark - Gracemary reported that Andrea Lakios has been trained to create brief records for uncataloged material encountered in Dana's STACKS inventory. Chris reported that Ann Watkins has temporarily stopped inventory because the laptop she was using was needed by Systems. Chris stated that there may be year-end money to purchase another PocketCirc device and, if so, Newark should be the recipient.

b. Andy's Kilmer report-clarifications from Andy - ISAWG team members sent Andy some follow-up questions regarding the report he prepared for the Kilmer testbed. Andy clarified the responses and an updated document will replace the Kilmer report under ISAWG's web pages under Staff Resources.

c. Next inventory - Chris reported that Andy would like to perform a full inventory of Art and Chemistry and is currently making preparations to begin.

3. Camden's brief records

Apparently there have been some concerns regarding the brief records created as part of Camden's inventory. Specifically, Cataloging was contacted by Teri McNally to inquire why some of these records created about a year ago have not been upgraded. Cataloging was under the impression they were created with an NBINV 500 note; however, investigations revealed that these records were created with a TECHSR home location. It's not clear why they were not upgraded in the weekly report received by DBM; so Mary Beth agreed that DBM should upgrade these records ASAP.

As part of this discussion, ISAWG Team members also reviewed the steps DBM uses to process materials created on-the-fly with a TECHSR home location.

On a weekly basis, DBM receives a report of items created the previous week with a TECHSR home location. The process is:

a. DBM searches IRIS
b. If match is found on another IRIS record, the records are merged
c. If match is not found in IRIS, DBM searches the shelf-list
d. If match is found in shelf-list, the record is upgraded
e. If match is not found in shelf-list, we wait until the item is returned

When the item is returned and discharged, it is routed to the appropriate Collection Services unit (in NB/Piscataway) or Technical Services unit (in Dana and Robeson) At the unit:

a. CS/TS hub searches for the item again. If a match is found, the CS/TS unit adds the item to IRIS
b. If match is not found, the item is sent to Cataloging

4. Use of NBINV

ISAWG team members reviewed which units/libraries are creating brief records with NBINV in the 500. (NBINV has been previously used in the 500 as a selection tool for batch recon). NBINV is only being added to records created as part of the LSM weeding project and should not be used at any other branches at this time.

5. Annex recon/inventory

Judy shared a report prepared by Dean Meister titled "Annex Recon Proposal Using the Shelflist". Dean reported on his findings with a testbed of 500 titles and 886 volumes in seven sample areas using the shelf-list, the old Annex printout, and Workflows. It was a very successful testbed and demonstrated that his workflow would work well as a method for retrospective conversion of Annex materials. Right now, Annex staff are concentrating on updating serials holdings and will move to monographs as time and budgets permit.

6. Status of Douglass Recon

There have been some questions regarding whether Douglass recon has been completed. There is an understanding that a small portion of Douglass recon is still to be done and there may be some boxes containing the title page and verso of items that need original cataloging. Gracemary will investigate where the boxes are located and report back to ISAWG.

7. Next meetings

There will not be an ISAWG meeting in May. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 25, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. in the TSB Conference Room.

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