Minutes for September 26, 2006 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister, Andy Martinez (guest), Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder)

1. Status report on batch withdrawals.

Here's a summary of the activity since the last meeting.

LibraryProject/GroupType/MonthNumber of ItemsStatusRemoved Unicorn
ALL LONGOVD AUG97-JUN04 7504  05/25/06
ALL BATCHWITH MAR06-JUN06 582   07/13/06
ALL RLINDISCARD MAR06-JUN06 1140   07/13/06
ALL DISCARD MAR06-JUN06 92   07/13/06
ALEX RECON MISSING4 114   09/13/06

Andy asked Chris whether he was preparing for the annual removal of items charged to MISSING, LOST-PAID, and LOST-REPL next week as identified in the Access Services/Systems calendar. Chris responded that he's typically been running the removal during the Winter Break, so he will recommend that the date is changed on the official calendar. Judy added that Bob Warwick still needs to produce a report of these items for Selectors before they are withdrawn.

2. Inventory updates

a. Art - Andy Martinez reported that the Reference inventory at the Art Library is complete and that he, Kristen, and Roselyn are now working on the Folio collection. Andy also distributed three reports related to the inventory activities at the Art Library.

The first report was an Excel spreadsheet showing the metrics recorded at each step in the inventory process. ISAWG team members noted that some of the figures don't seem to flow from one step to the next. Andy responded that he is taking the numbers from the Unicorn reports; however, he will send them to Chris for review.

The remaining two reports are lists of items in IRIS that could not be found, but contained SIRSI auto-generated barcodes. He asked the ISAWG team members to review these items for possible discernment regarding whether these items are truly missing. It could be that the items were transferred to the Annex or another branch library but the records were not updated. Andy requested some help on this analysis before charging the items to MISSING and withdrawing them from Unicorn.

Gracemary inquired what was being done with the uncataloged materials. Andy responded that he is following our recommendation to flag the items for later retrieval. As time, budgets, and priorities permit, DTS will create brief records following the NBINV model currently being performed at Dana and the Annex.

b. Newark - Chris reported that a PocketCirc device was purchased with year-end funds and was delivered to Ann Watkins so she can resume an inventory at Newark. Andy asked whether the documents he created were shared with Ann. Chris responded that they were shared and he will ask Ann to send Andy comments/suggestions to improve the documentation.

3. Batch withdraw counts for ARL statistics

Chris wanted to make sure that, aside from the items charged to BATCHWITH, no one was sending withdrawal counts to Nancy for the categories of items he is batch withdrawing. Chris emails these figures to Nancy annually and he wanted to verify that we were not double-counting our withdrawn items. ISAWG team members did not believe the figures are being double-counted.

4. Use of NBINV

Elizabeth asked where the standards for the creation of NBINV records were documented and when were these records going to be upgraded. Other team members responded that initially the standards were developed in Cataloging as they worked on the Marcadia pilot project. It has since been expanded to other categories of records as a model for the creation of brief records, suitable for automated matching and upgrade. There is no current goal or timeline to upgrade these records.

5. Long Overdue items batched removed from Unicorn

Judy reported that she and Nita are developing a workflow to manage items removed from Unicorn that are returned by patrons in response to a delinquent accounts letter. Should DTS create brief records based on the NBINV model or is there another method that could be used to add these items back to the catalog? Elizabeth responded that it's preferable to send t.p. and verso to DBM but that, before this begins, Mary Beth should be contacted to coordinate the activities with cataloging.

6. Next Meeting

ISAWG team members would like the next meeting to be devoted to the inventory process at all three campuses and, along with Andy, will ask for representatives from Dana and Robeson. Chris will schedule the next meeting, tentatively for late November or early December, based on everyone's availability.

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