Minutes for June 27, 2007 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister, Andy Martinez, Jane Sloan (guest), Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair)

1. Welcome Andy Martinez

The team welcomed Andy as a permanent new member to ISAWG. ISAWG has been working with Andy on a number of projects in the past couple of years and we're pleased to add him to the working group.

2. Status report on batch withdrawals

Here's a summary of the activity since the last meeting.

LibraryProject/GroupType/MonthNumber of ItemsStatusRemoved Unicorn
ALL MISSING FY2005 2855   05/02/07
ALEX RECON MISSING 6120   05/14/07
ALL RLINDISCARD JAN07-MAR07 22   05/23/07
ALL BATCHWITH JAN07-MAR07 680   05/16/07
ALL DISCARD JAN07-MAR07 302   05/16/07

The 1246 items labeled as "BATCHWITH - ALEX/DANA" were Alexander and Dana items that were marked MISSING in Geac but were not charged to MISSING when the item migrated to Unicorn. The old Geac missing code was migrated to Unicorn. This code was used as a selection criteria to perform a final search and then to aid in the batch withdrawal of any unfound items.

3. Inventory updates

a. Art Progress - Andy distributed a report showing the progress on the Art - STACKS inventory. The inventory of Art - STACKS is 40% complete. Here are some highlights.

Gracemary will ask DTS team leaders to address handling the increasing number of items found on the shelf in the inventory process with no bib record.

b. Custom report to identify items inventoried not at their owning library - Chris customized the inventory report so that it would additionally list the items inventoried that were not at their owning library. Andy tested this option and reported that it works well.

c. Locations that should cause additional action - At the last ISAWG meeting, Andy inquired whether there were some sublocations or statuses that should cause the individual performing inventory to take additional action if the item was found on the shelf. ISAWG team members reviewed the list of potential statuses and suggested the following actions:

- Route to DTS


- Route to Access Services

RESV-XXXXX -- all reserve locations

- Route to ILS


d. Need for System-wide inventory meeting - Andy asked when the system-wide inventory meeting will be scheduled. Gracemary and Chris will identify the appropriate players and schedule a meeting as a subgroup of TSCWG

4. Long Overdue Returns and Use of Circ Notes (Judy)

Judy asked the group for their suggestions on how best to handle long overdue items that were removed from Unicorn and subsequently returned. Patrons sometimes inquire about the items they returned and having no reinstated record in Unicorn creates service problems. In order to assuage this problem Judy recommended that the following occur when the items are returned 1) Access Services creates a brief record just like the circ-on-the-fly records, 2) the home location is still created as TECHSR, and 3) an item circ note stating "route to DTS" is added. The item with it's LOSTITEM note are sent to DTS. DTS will triage these and either add a holding or send to Cataloging as needed. Gracemary will review brief record creation due to Long Overdue returns at a future TSCWG meeting.

5. Metrics for determining how quickly items move from order to the shelf (guest - Jane)

Selectors have raised concerns regarding the length of time it takes for items to move through Technical Services. Some materials take longer than others yet we don't have any data to measure the health of this workflow.

Chris stated that he only has access to dates in Unicorn and ISAWG and Jane agreed to start there with FIRM and APPROVAL orders. The group identified the following dates to extract:

acq date ordered
acq date received
acq date paid
bib date cataloged
item date created

In addition the following information from acq, bib, and item records will be extracted:

material type field (from acq orderline record)
bib record format
owning library
home location
current location
call number
item date last activity

Chris will start by extracting FIRM and APPROVAL orders received in April 2007 and produce a sample report with the data elements noted above for analysis.

6. Next meeting

The next ISAWG meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 24 at 10:00 a.m. at the Hungarian Foundation and will be hosted by Margaret Papai.

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