Minutes for October 5, 2007 Meeting

Katie Anderson (guest), Susan Brower (guest), Paul Cabelli (guest), Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister, Andy Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz, Neera Sondhi (guest), Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Melody Tomaszewicz (guest), Ann Watkins (guest, videoconference)
Andrea Lakios

1. Welcome, introductions - what role is everyone playing?

Meeting attendees introduced themselves and described the role they are currently playing in the inventory process

2. Status report on inventory at each campus

a. what collections/call number ranges are completed?

Robeson - completed FOLIO and REF; completed STACKS call numbers beginning with H, L, M, N, P, Q

New Brunswick - sampled Chemistry, Kilmer and Art; finished Art FOLIO and Art REF

Newark - completed RT's

b. what is each campus working on now?

Robeson - currently working on the STACKS R's

New Brunswick - currently working on Art STACKS

Newark - currently working on STACKS QD's

c. What is planned for the future?

Robeson - plans to work on STACKS S-Z after R's are done

New Brunswick - plans to inventory Chemistry, Physics, or Kilmer.

d. What equipment are you using?

Robeson - barcode scanner attached to old laptop

New Brunswick - PocketCirc

Newark - Pocketcirc

3. Consistent Practices

a. Definition of inventory at RUL - Chris reiterated ISAWG's definition of inventory. Inventory is defined as a systematic, shelf-by-shelf approach to 1) identify an item in its proper location, 2) note an item's physical condition and record it if in poor condition, and 3) confirm that an item is in its correct call number order on the shelf.

b. Current location of items that should cause additional action when found - Meeting participants reviewed the current locations that should cause the inventoried item to be pulled from the shelf and routed to the appropriate department if found in one of these locations. (These locations were identified in the ISAWG minutes from the 6/27/07 meeting and emailed to meeting participants.) Since it's not easily apparent to identify these with the existing inventory reports Chris will customize "loadbarcodes" report to list all items scanned in inventory not in their home location. The current inventory reports only report as exceptions items that are checked out or items that belong to another owning library.

c. Identifying the condition of items inventoried to determine whether it needs preservation - Chris asked the representatives of each campus to report on whether they are reviewing the condition of materials as part of inventory.

New Brunswick - examines the material based on the four established categories and updates the item records with one of the preservation condition codes.

Robeson - pulls books that are "damaged" for selectors to review.

Newark - pulls books that are "damaged" for selectors to review.

Meeting participants reviewed the four conditions and the process which New Brunswick has been using to update the condition of the item as part of the item record. The conditions are:

Katie and Ann believe they can easily incorporate identifying the condition of items as part of their inventory process but may need to consult with Andy or Chris to determine the best way to create the files and upload them to the Unicorn server.

d. Creating brief records for uncataloged items found in inventory - Chris asked each campus to report on the status of brief record creation.

Robeson - Camden Tech Services is creating few brief records, although occasionally they will run into a pocket where a group of items being inventoried have no bib records in IRIS.

New Brunswick - New Brunswick inventory staff are only flagging the materials without bib records. Brief record will be created at a later date. So far in Art STACKS, 74 items had no barcodes at all while 390 items had barcodes that were not in IRIS. For Art REF, 55 items had no barcodes and 51 had barcodes that were not in IRIS. For Art FOLIO, 106 items had no barcodes and 85 had barcodes that were not in IRIS. Gracemary will work with DTS staff to facilitate creating brief records that result from inventory in New Brunswick.

Dana - Andrea Lakios is creating brief records that result from Newark's inventory. 88 have been created so far.

e. Tracking inventory progress - everyone has created their own spreadsheet for tracking inventory progress. ISAWG team members will review the reports and, if needed, make recommendations for consistency.

f. Documents on Staff Resources - Chris reiterated that the current inventory documentation can be found on Staff Resources under:

Technical Services > Committees and Task Forces > Inventory and Stacks Automation Working Group > Reports

4. Unicorn reports

Chris asked the group about how the Unicorn reports that facilitate inventory processing are working.

The group responded that they were working well. Katie and Andy observed that the report of items out of call number order actually indicate mismatches between the call number on the spine label and call number in Unicorn. It helps that inventory finds these kind of errors so that the call number on the spine can be synchronized with its associated item record in Unicorn.

Andy raised the issue that many items listed on the report of items not inventoried (after inventory has taken place), are auto-generated barcodes and he questioned whether we should be automatically charging these to MISSING. Andy has been sending these reports regularly to fellow ISAWG members but no other team members have hitherto investigated these. The next time Andy has this list, ISAWG team members will examine them and determine whether charging these to MISSING in batch is the appropriate action.

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