Minutes for January 31, 2008 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister, Andy Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Mary Beth Weber (guest).

1. Status report on batch withdrawals.

Chris stated that, now that Institution Records (IR) were removed from OCLC, he was able to resume processing the batch withdrawals. Batch withdrawal processing was delayed since July 2007 while the OCLC IR issue was being reviewed.

Here's a summary of the batch withdrawal activity since the last report.

LibraryProject/GroupType/MonthNumber of ItemsUnicorn DeletedRemoved OCLC Holdings

The next large group to remove are the LOST-ASSUM items due before 7/1/2005. This group is currently in collections. Chris and Judy agreed that these items can be batch removed from Unicorn in March 2008.

2. Inventory updates

a. Newark - Ann Watkins has just run the Unicorn inventory reports for the QD call number range and is now examining the exceptions. Andrea has caught up in creating brief records or adding holdings to existing records for uncataloged items found in the inventory process.

b. Art - Andy distributed a report summarizing the completion of the Art STACKS inventory. Here are some highlights.

c. ISAWG believes that 2700 items in STACKS, as well as 51 in REF and 1,107 in FOLIO is a large number of items needing some preservation and recommends creating a report of these items for Joe Consoli and Sara Harrington to review. Chris will create a report template in Unicorn for Andy to run at his leisure.

d. Andy stated that the ART EFOLIO collection is the next collection to be inventoried. Once that is done, the inventory at the Art library will be complete and Andy plans to inventory Physics or Chemistry next.

e. The issue of how to handle the 714 uncataloged items that resulted from the ART inventory was discussed. These items are in the STACKS, REF, and FOLIO collections. It was agreed that the first step is for DTS to search IRIS and create brief records for these items. DTS staff will use a unique 500 note to identify these items. This note will be used to identify these records at a later date when fuller cataloging treatment will be applied by Cataloging and Metadata Services personnel.

f. In an effort to raise the awareness level of "brief record recon" projects already created in Unicorn, ISAWG will create a spreadsheet detailing the number of brief records by library, project source, call number ranges, etc.

3. Metrics

The group reviewed their approach to "gathering metrics for transient collections". ISAWG has identified data elements from the bib and order record and possible dates to track for review by the Head of Cataloging and Acquisitions. The next step is to invite them to the next ISAWG meeting to review the data being collected. The goal is to develop metrics for normal workflow in TAS and to provide reports that will help TAS Managers. In preparation for the next meeting Chris will run a sample report for FIRM/APPROVAL orders received in April 2007 and another for FIRM/APPROVAL orders received in October 2007 and place these on the TSB T drive for examination by ISAWG.

4. Next meeting

The next ISAWG meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 25 at 10:00 a.m. in the TSB conference room.

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