Minutes for March 25, 2008 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister, Andy Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair)

1. Update on Batch Withdrawals

a. Here's a summary of the batch withdrawal activity since the last report.

Library Project/Group Type/Month Number of Items Status Removed Unicorn OCLC Holdings Deleted
ALLMISSING-XTRAFY200694 03/10/081

The MISSING-XTRA group includes 94 items inadvertently missed from past batch withdrawals of MISSING items. Thanks to Andy for identifying these.

b. Scheduling conversion of LOST-ASSUM items to LONGOVRDUE with follow-up batch withdrawal.

There are 526 long overdue items that were due prior to 7/1/2005 and are scheduled to be batch removed from Unicorn the first week of April. These are the items that were never returned even after Access Services implemented the Billing/Collections process by sending patrons 30-day collections letters. Access Services will search these items one more time by April 2. On April 3 Chris will run the report that converts these from LOST-ASSUM to LONGOVRDUE and creates the large LOSTITEM notes in patron records containing the historical checkout information.

2. Update on Inventory at Art Library

a. Andy shared the final report of the inventory at the Art Library. Here are the overall totals:

Art Library Collection Totals

Reference Collection:  1,648 items
Folio Collection:  14,885 items
Stacks Collection:  55,063 items
EFolio Collection:  532 items
Grand Total:  72,128 items

Items Not Found in Catalog Totals

Reference Collection
Without Barcodes:  55 items
With Barcodes:  47 items
Folio Collection
Without Barcodes:  106 items
With Barcodes:  85 items
Stacks Collection
Without Barcodes:  81 items
With Barcodes:  340 items
EFolio Collection
Without Barcodes:  37 items
With Barcodes:  35 items
Grand Total
Without Barcodes:  279 items
With Barcodes:  507 items
Total:  786 items

Missing Item Totals

Reference Collection:  77 items
Folio Collection:  377 items
Stacks Collection:  1,357 items
EFolio Collection:  51 items
Grand Total:  1,862 items

Damaged Item Totals

Reference Collection:  51 items
Folio Collection:  1,017 items
Stacks Collection:  2,792 items
EFolio Collection:  61 items
Grand Total:  3,921 items

b. Items Not Found in Catalog - Representatives from Access Services and DTS will form a working team by May 1 to work on items inventoried that were not found in IRIS. As part of this project the team will 1) search for the items in IRIS, 2) determine why they do not have bib records already and, 3) work with Selectors to determine whether these items should be added to IRIS or withdrawn from the collection. If they should be added to IRIS, the group will also keep track of how many are copy adds and how many brief records are created. Andy will ask for volunteers from Collection Management staff to work on this.

c. Damaged Items - A workflow still needs to be determined for damaged items found in inventory. ISAWG would like these items reviewed by the appropriate selector to evaluate whether the items should be preserved, replaced, or withdrawn. Gracemary will ask Bob Sewell to invite Andy to a future CDC meeting to review the process and seek their advice.

d. Next units for inventory - Since we have two PocketCirc devices, Andy would like to simultaneously inventory a large branch and a small branch. Andy proposes inventorying Chemistry STACKS and REF for the small branch and perhaps LSM STACKS and FOLIO for the large one. At a rate of 200 scans per hour, Chemistry would take approximately 85 hours and LSM would take approximately 680 hours. Andy needs to sample the LSM collection to gather a metric for cataloged vs. uncataloged items. ISAWG also recommended not beginning LSM's inventory until after the item type changes are complete.

3. Items inappropriately shadowed

Based on previous discussions at ISAWG and TSCWG, the two groups believe the shadow flag has been inappropriately applied to potentially 26,000 items in Unicorn. TSCWG has implemented procedures and best practices to prevent more from being created but the 26,000 already in existence need to be addressed. Since we are not able to review each of these items individually to determine which items should be shadowed and which should not, Gracemary suggested that any item with a date cataloged should not be shadowed. It was noted that 14,000 out of the 26,000 are brief government document records created in Geac as circ-on-the-fly records and we need to check with Ellen Calhoun to verify whether these should be unshadowed; however, the remaining 12,000 should be unshadowed. Once we verify how we're going to handle the government document records, Systems will work on a script to batch unshadow the group of items.

4. Next meeting

The next ISAWG meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 27 at 10:00 a.m. in the TSB conference room.

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