Invoice Focus Group Meeting Minutes: April 28, 2003

Julie Kaufman [chair], Kayla Reichardt* [recorder], Suzanne Posluszny, Michelle Best and Joan Hendershot


  1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting
  2. End of the (fiscal) year invoices
  3. Review of statistics from the past year
  4. Procedures manual discussion
  5. Round Robin

Meeting was called to order

* Prior to the meeting JK requested that KR take the meeting minutes instead of SP to demonstrate the new meeting minutes’ standards established at the last Team Leaders meeting and distributed at the NBL CS Departmental meeting. SP to resume as recorder for the next Invoice Focus Group meeting.

1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting

a. Identifying booksets: another way is by the Table of contents tag in the bib record. It will list the individual volumes. Table of contents tags tend to be incomplete, previous discussion over whether or not we will have these tags updated was concluded by Rhonda Marker’s [Head of Cataloging] decision that Cataloging will not be updating this field.

b. Handling funds/records for booksets and IREY serials: as of this meeting GS has not reported back to the group with any decisions.

c. Criteria for firm order creation: minutes note this discussion but not the specific criteria we should be using. KR requested this be added to our Procedures manual discussion agenda item.

d. Invoices sent to ACQ for line creation (recurring orders): Joan has been adding the note, “Priority – Invoice Enclosed” to the shipping label of packages sent to ACQ for line creations. It was decided that we would adopt the practice NBL CSD wide. JK will contact Kati (HSSRL contact), Susan {Sciences contact) and cc: Janet Howard (supervisor) at ACQ for confirmation of this procedure and the necessity for any other notifications concerning this issue.

e. Minutes were approved, KR to send to AR for posting.

2. End of the (fiscal) year invoices

We are notified in June by Nancy Hendrickson of the Budget Office of a cutoff date to have invoices processed before the end of the fiscal year. At this time, invoices should be a rush priority to have them into the Budget Office before the cutoff date. All state funds must be spent before June 30th.

3. Review of statistics from the past year.

a. What is categorized by Misc. Problems (work of Invoice processors):

b. Firm orders category is strictly to track the creation of them by JK

c. Analyzation of the statistics:

4. Procedures manual discussion

a. JK reviewed the NBL website for Invoicing procedures. The only items posted are the Fund Transfer and Firm Order Request forms. However, she noted that we do have rough drafts of an outline and Basic Invoice procedures. KR found some procedures embedded in the 12/2/02 meeting minutes. JK will clean these up and submit them to the group within 3 days for review. After 3 days review, if no changes are made they will be submitted for posting to the website.

b. Criteria for when to create a firm order:

5. Round Robin

a. JK reported that GS is sending fund reports to selectors for analysis.

b. SP & JH reported on procedures for publisher invoices received where payment is made to vendors. HSSRL checks for problematic payments/receipts and once verified that the subscription is in good standing, tossing the publisher invoice. SCIENCES draft a letter to the appropriate vendor with a copy of the publisher invoice for the vendor to correct. Discussion of standardizing this operation across NBL CSD was tabled until further notice.

Meeting adjourned @ 12:10pm



  1. JK – to contact ACQ to confirm necessary notifications for invoices included with materials.
  2. JK – to notify YL to update master statistics, YL & MT to modify individual invoicing statistics forms for the group members.
  3. JK – to clean up outline, basic invoice procedures and 12/2/02 meeting minute’s embedded procedures and distribute to the group in 3 days time.
  4. GROUP – review submitted outline and procedures for changes in 3 days time. KR – send 2/25/03 meeting minutes, approved outline & procedures to AR for posting.


Next meeting : May 19, 2003 @ ALEX CSD
Time: 10:30am

Next recorder: Suzanne Posluszny
Backup recorder: Michelle Best

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