Invoice Focus Group Meeting Minutes: June 16, 2003

Julie Kaufman (chair), Suzanne Posluszny, Kayla Reichardt, Joan Henderhsot (Recorder) Kati Ritter, Janet Howard, Susan Killough and Salvatore Cardinale


  1. Recurring Orders
    • Procedure and receipt?
    • Standard notes on items/invoices sent to ACQ?
  2. Review of procedure for processing renewals (and stats to keep)
  3. Drafting of "Regular Invoicing" procedure


1. Janet Howard is Deptartment Supervisor at ACQ

2. Kati Ritter does Monographic Sets, Packages and Recurring orders for Humanities

2. Susan Killough does Recurring orders for Sciences and maintains subscription orders for serials.

3. Discussion on whether Bernan Package should be transferred to ACQ from both Alex & LSM. One alternate is to have just the monographic titles sent to ACQ and standing orders shipped to Alex or LSM

4. All recurring orders received at Alex or LSM should be sent to ACQ with invoice. Hold book until invoice is received.

5. Discussion on whether Cat Set A or Cat Sep, when invoiced once a year, should be changed back to subscription or leave as recurring and have order transferred to ACQ.

6. Discussion on having all recurring orders transferred to ACQ

7. If Print subscription comes with online subscription, how to handle notes in order record of online subscription and control record of print subscription.

8. When sending recurring orders to ACQ, PRTY slip does not have to indicate whether it is a cat sep or cat set A.

9. ACQ does not routinely claim items on packages. We can still claim, but means ACQ has to do manual claim. OECD not being claimed as received free with our online subscription. If not received at end of year and needed a firm order should be placed.

10. Went over procedures for invoice processing for renewals from major vendors.

Meeting adjourned @ 12:30pm


  1. KR will check with Gracemary about Recurring orders being transferred to ACQ
  2. KR will check with Gracemary about transferring the Bernan Package to ACQ
  3. KR will check with Music Cataloger about recataloging open volume. Sets to Cat Sep or Cat Set A that are still being received at Alex.
  4. KR will check with Cathy Pecoraro about the print ed being received with online subscriptions on how to mark the order record.

Next meeting July 28, 2003
Location: Alex CSD

Next recorder: Julie Kaufman
Backup recorder: Suzanne Posluszny

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