Invoice Focus Group Meeting Minutes: August 18, 2003

Joan Hendershot, Julie Kaufman [chair], and Suzanne Posluszny [recorder]


  1. Renewals
  2. Regular invoice procedures

1. Renewals

With the anticipation of massive cancellations this year we will not research renewals as we had in the past but check the renewals against the cancellation list per Kayla’s instruction. ALEX has already processed Harrassowitz, Swets Blackwell, Casalini, and part of EBSCO. LSM has started processing Swets Blackwell.

2. Regular invoice procedures

[see sheet below]


JK will send out e-mail address to group for access/collection services list

Next meeting: September 15th, 2003
Location: LSM

Next recorder: Kayla Reichardt, Joan Hendershot

Regular Invoice Procedures

  1. Date stamp back of invoice in upper left-hand corner.
  2. All invoices received without material is given to the Invoice Coordinators at ALEX and LSM.
  3. Write PO-# and fund code on invoice.
  4. Circle material being paid for.
  5. Verify material on invoice is material received.
  6. Receivers at ALEX and LSM check material in. All invoices are separated from material at ALEX and given to the Invoice Coordinator. Material and invoices are kept together at LSM.
  7. When material is received on a recurring order, send both the book and the invoice to Acquisitions for payment and processing. Fill out the proper processing form before sending material to Acquisitions. If material is received without an invoice, hold material until the invoice arrives. At ALEX all books for recurring orders are given to appropriate person to send to Acquisitions. At LSM, all recurring order material, and subscription invoices are given to the Invoice Coordinator to process and send to Acquisitions. Copy of invoice is made and filed before shipment is sent to Acquisitions.
  8. If an invoice needs a line item, ALEX sends appropriate paper work to the HUMSCISOC contact person at Acquisitions and LSM sends appropriate paper work to the SCIENCES contact person at Acquisitions.
  9. Appropriate number of copies is made. Two copies for US payment and four for foreign payment.
  10. All invoices are given to the Department Head once a week for signature.
  11. One copy is filed with the date sent in for payment noted on the lower left-hand corner of the invoice.
  12. Invoices are sent in for payment to Peggy Gerenza at the Budget Office.

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